‘Cruel Summer’ Stars Sadie Stanley & Lexi Underwood Play Y2K Hot or Not (VIDEO)

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[This interview was conducted prior to the SAG-AFTRA strike authorization.]

The second season of Cruel Summer is set in the 2000s, taking place in three different periods in the same year at the end of the millennium. As such, TV Insider asked its Gen Z stars Sadie Stanley (21) and Lexi Underwood (19) a few early 2000s nostalgia questions; this time, the era’s unique sense of fashion. In the clip above, we asked to see which iconic staples of the era were hot or not.

“Low-rise jeans? Hot!” the duo agreed before just as swiftly deciding Dress Over jeans are a not. “Okay, it’s worked on some people in some certain circumstances, but would I wear that out? No,” Stanley said. “But for the nostalgia…,” she continues before Underwood chimes in, “To those of you who pull it off, hats off to yall.”

When it comes to thin eyebrows, it was a resounding “not.” “I had thin eyebrows for all of middle school by accident, and thankfully they grew back for me,” Stanley playfully admitted. “Too many, like, over-plucking horror stories, I’m glad they have grown back,” Underwood also admits before the two compliment each other on their now thriving eyebrows.

They both agree on phone charms and cropped jean jackets are hot and cute. They also agree it’s a not tongue piercing but a hot for belly button piercing, as Stanley showcases her own to the camera. Trucker hats are hot, as are whale tails, but “let’s not overdo it,” Stanley says firmly.

Cruel Summer, Mondays, 9/8c, Freeform

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