Crunchyroll Makes BIG Blunder With ’Dragon Ball Super‘ Trailer

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A great trailer is one that keeps the audience hooked and excited about the movie. However, Crunchyroll might have just made a blunder with its latest trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. In a bid to celebrate its success as the 5th most-watched anime movie at the U.S. box office, a spoiler-packed trailer was released by Crunchyroll on YouTube. The anime gained this status after its second weekend in theaters.

Latest Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Trailer Reveals The Ultimate Villian

The latest Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero trailer shares some of the movie’s most epic developments. So, fans that haven’t yet seen the movie should skip watching this particular trailer. It features Piccolo and Gohan’s fresh forms and even battles between the Z-Fighters & their latest threats. As per, the biggest blunder in the trailer is the revelation of the movie’s ultimate villain.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

As of now, the anime movie has grossed a whopping $30,859,433 at the U.S. box office. It also surpassed the previous record holder, Dragon Ball Super: Broly (2018) which held the fifth spot at the box office bagging a whopping $330,712,119. Other four anime movies that have topped the charts include Pokémon The Movie 2000, Jujutsu Kaisen o, Pokémon: The First Movie-Mewtwo Strikes Back, and Demon Slayer: Mugen Train.

Gohan And Piccolo Get New Avatars In Latest Movie

Although the latest trailer is just a bit longer than a minute, it has some of the biggest spoilers from the movie. In the trailer, Piccolo and Gohan can be seen in their new avatars. Apart from that, the Namekian is seen achieving something similar to the Super Saiyan while flaunting an orange tint plus a muscled physique.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

The half-Saiyan’s new power is titled Gohan Beast. It serves as an offshoot of his Ultimate Gohan transformation, first achieved in Majin Buu Saga (Dragon Ball Z). The movie’s final yet largest reveal is apparent in the trailer. One of Gohan’s highly notorious adversaries returns in the movie in the form of Cell Max.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Unlike Cell’s previous appearance in the Dragon Ball Z series, in the trailer, he is in green & red version of their imperfect Cell form. However, one thing that is unclear here is whether this Cell is the very same one that fought against the teen Gohan in the climax scene of the Cell Games or someone new.

Fans Dub The Latest Dragon Ball Trailer ‘Terrible’

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’s plot picks up from the events seen in the predecessor Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

After the trailer’s release, fans took to Twitter to share their disappointment with the spoilers. One fan tweeted, “That’s the summary for the whole movie lmao.”

Another wrote, “Basically shows the whole film. What a terrible trailer :/”

“Wow. It took a spoiler-filled trailer for me to be hyped about this movie. Really wish I could watch it now,” chimed a third fan.

What do you think of the latest Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero trailer? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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