Faith Martin Drops Clues She’s First ‘Golden Bachelorette’?

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A recent post is making fans wonder if Golden Bachelor third-place winner Faith Martin is dropping hints about being the first Golden Bachelorette. Faith along with several other contestants from Gerry Turner’s season hopes to be selected for the opportunity of a lifetime. Faith is most definitely a front-runner as she has a strong fan base who is cheering her on. What post has everyone talking though? Keep reading to find out more.

Did Faith Martin drop a hint about being The Golden Bachelorette?

Fans are wondering if Golden Bachelor contestant Faith Martin dropped a hint about becoming the first-ever Golden Bachelorette. The video that Faith shared on social media shows a compilation of moments from her time with Gerry Turner. The song that is playing in the video is actually one that Faith performed. The song is “Something Beautiful” by Faith Martin.

She captioned the post saying, “Thank you @kulin_edits for this special video of my moments on @goldenbachabc and using my song “Something Beautiful” 🥹 Such lovely memories!” She continued in another comment with numerous hashtags, “#goldenbachelor #thegoldenbachelor #bachelornation #goldenbachelorabc #bachelor #bachelorette #abc #hulu”

Many think that this was her pitch to ABC to be named the first Golden Bachelorette. The 61-year-old gained tons of fans cheering her on to get the role as well. What do you think of the video? Is she working hard to get named as the new lead?

Leslie thought Faith would be a finalist

Fans saw Faith Martin and Leslie Fhima both leave with broken hearts. Plus, this happened after he told them both he loved them. Faith went home after hometowns while Leslie made it to the final two. After their fantasy suite date and after she met his daughters, he broke up with her.

Leslie spoke out about her time with Gerry as well as her thoughts on who she thought would be in the final two. It turns out, Leslie didn’t think Theresa Nist would make it to the final two. Of course, fans know Theresa and Gerry plan to marry on January 4. She thought it would be her and Faith left standing at the end.

Leslie admits pure shock when Gerry said goodbye to Faith.

Leslie Fhima, Faith Martin and Theresa Nist/Credit: ABC YouTube
Leslie Fhima, Faith Martin and Theresa Nist/Credit: ABC YouTube

If Faith becomes the first Golden Bachelorette then it would have been worth the heartache of getting dumped by Gerry Turner.

What do you think? Will Faith get the role of a lifetime?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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