Fans Freak Over Kris Jenner’s Jaw & ‘Egregious Cheek Implants’

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Although The Kardashians stars continue to age, they seem to be attempting to put up a fight against Father Time by going under the knife. Even so, keen eyes are watching them everywhere they turn. Likewise, fans seem to catch the smallest of details when they shift their appearances. For instance, sharp-eyed fans have captured a photo that shows Kris Jenner unedited in France. After this, fans began to chatter about changes to the structure of her face.

Kris Jenner Is Very Different In Photos She Posts

While The Kardashians star, Kris Jenner tried to shield her face from the paparazzi, they snuck an unedited photo from a recent trip to France. Of course, fans immediately spotted something was off in the picture. Eagerly, they added a screenshot and zoomed in to discuss the “missing” and “added” parts of Kris’ face. However several fans noted her asymmetric jawline that stood out. Likewise, they quickly critiqued how different her photos posted on her Instagram are from the unedited snap. Notably, Kris was in Paris in September for Victoria Beckham’s Fashion Show.

Some People Wonder If It Is Her

In the alleged photo, Kris Jenner is wearing a dialed-down, striped sweater and her leather coat with fur lining draped over the top of her shoulders. Additionally, Kris shades her face either from the sun or to hide from the paparazzi. While Kris is known to jet-set off to other countries often, there is a possibility this may not be her at all. However, it does bear a striking resemblance to Kris. And Kris does love Paris.

  • One fan questioned, “Was she in paris?”

But most seemed to believe it was Kris and she does have a coat much like the one pictured in the thread.

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Kris Jenner In A Similar Coat, The Sun – Instagram

Fans’ Reactions To The Paparazzi Photo

On Reddit, a user added the paparazzi photo of Kris Jenner. Captioned to the up-close picture was: “Unedited Kris in france today.”

  • Talking about Kris Jenner and her age vs. appearance, one said, “How is she not even 70, spent six figures on her face, and still looking like this.”
  • “Damn looks like her skin is coming off her bones.”
  • “Does she not feel silly at all for editing her face to be the same as a 20 year old??”
  • “But like why is her jawline skewed and hollow looking almost looks like a bone or chunk or flesh was removed from the right side lol.”
  • “Those cheek implants are egregious.”
  • “I think it’s her jowls. She usually edits her jawline into being as taut as her grandchildren‘s.”
  • “Yeah truly. I mean she’s 68. We are all ageing we know what people in their 60s look like. It’s wild that she does that.”

unedited Kris in france today
byu/ebop212 inKUWTKsnark

One person tries to explain the difference, “Think it’s just a dimple and the way the light is hitting her face.”

What do you think about Kris Jenner’s jawline? Do you think something is off about it? Was Kris attempting to hide her jawline from the paparazzi? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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