Jenelle Evans Slams Barbara’s Lies, Wishes She Had A Real Mom

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Jenelle Evans took to Facebook early this morning with a frustrated and emotional three-post rant. In her collection of posts, she slammed her mother Barbara for the lies she was feeding to the media. Furthermore, she also got a bit emotional as she wished just once her mother could be a “real parent” to her instead of someone who just uses her.

What exactly did Jenelle Evans say in her three-post Facebook rant? What did fans of MTV’s Teen Mom have to say about her posts? Keep reading for all the details. And, scroll down to see screenshots of everything she posted this morning.

Jenelle Evans-Facebook
Jenelle Evans-Facebook

Jenelle Evans Slams Barbara’s Lies, Wishes She Had A Real Mom

The MTV personality took to social media in an emotional rage this morning when she realized she made headlines again because of her mother. She thought it was “so crazy” that her mother was willing to leak information to the right people so media outlets could run with her mother’s lies.

Jenelle admitted it just made sense that her mother would befriend her “enemies” with the purpose of selling stories to media outlets. She concluded the first of her three posts on Facebook by noting she felt “silly” to think her mother would ever be a real mother to her.

Jenelle Evans Facebook Rant
[Source: Facebook]

Hasn’t Spoken To Barbara In Months

In her second post, Jenelle Evans gets honest with her followers. She reveals that she has not had a conversation with her mother since back in July. “She is mad about our family trip to Puerto Rico for some reason.”

Sadly, Jenelle adds that her mother has her blocked. She just learned this as she “caved” and tried to reach out to her mother after the latest information she leaked to media outlets.

Jenelle Evans - Instagram - Feature
Jenelle Evans – Instagram – Feature

Up until now, Jenelle Evans claims she’s kept the truth about her childhood and her mother hidden from the world. She, however, explains she was NOT raised in a way that was right or made sense. Now, she’s threatening to tell the world the truth.

The MTV personality wonders if she would feel less lonely if she took the time to share her story with the world.

Jenelle Evans Facebook Rant
[Source: Facebook]

Jenelle Evans Claims Her Mother Used Her

The Teen Mom star proceeds to rip her mother Barbara claiming she used both her and Jace for money. She added that her mother frequently brags about how all of her bills are paid because of Jenelle. Moreover, she adds that many of Barbara’s family members don’t talk to her. And, it is because they don’t trust her.

Jenelle Evans concluded her morning rant with a sorrowful post. She felt sad that she got more love and compassion from random strangers on the Internet. Jenelle reassured her fans she appreciated their kind words. She was just a “broken daughter” who wished her mother cared about her.

Jenelle Evans Facebook Rant
[Source: Facebook]

Could you feel the pain in what Jenelle Evans posted on Facebook this morning? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Teen Mom news.

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