Jesse Palmer Reflects On Awkward S*x Talk With Gerry Turner

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Jesse Palmer reflects on awkward s*x talk with Gerry Turner before the Fantasy Suites on The Golden Bachelor. Keep reading to see what he had to say about the NSFW talk.

Jesse Palmer Breaks The Fourth Wall

Jesse Palmer isn’t new to television. After all, he was lead on Season 4 of The Bachelor back in 2004. The former NFL quarterback went on to join ESPN as a sports broadcaster for college football games, a gig he’s had since 2007.

In 2021, Palmer returned to The Bachelor franchise to fill Chris Harrison’s shoes as host extraordinaire for all three of the franchise shows airing on ABC. He also became the host of The Golden Bachelor for the spinoff’s inaugural season, which started airing in September 2023.

Jesse Palmer and Gerry Turner/Credit: ABC YouTube
Jesse Palmer and Gerry Turner/Credit: ABC YouTube

As a vet on television, Jesse Palmer is not one to lose his composure. However, his chat with Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner took an unexpected turn that caused Palmer to stumble over his words and really, just not know what to say.

The blunder happened when the two were having a sit-down ahead of Turner’s overnight dates with finalists Leslie Fhima and Theresa Nist.

As Bachelor Nation fans – and Jesse Palmer – know, the overnight dates, or Fantasy Suite dates, are an opportunity for more intimacy because the cameras stop filming.

However, Jesse Palmer ran into trouble when he tried to define “intimacy” in a family-friendly way. ABC is owned by Disney. “How can I say this… on Disney?” the ESPN analyst wondered aloud during his conversation with Gerry Turner.

Palmer took to Twitter during the show to react to his blunder. “Breaking the 4th wall for the first time in my career,” he wrote above two memes of his awkward pauses when trying to define intimacy.

Golden Bachelor Host Reflects On Awkward S*x Talk With Gerry Turner

Jesse Palmer spoke with Entertainment Weekly a few days after the Golden Bachelor episode aired to rehash what went down on the Fantasy Suite dates.

However, the outlet couldn’t help but address Jesse Palmer and Gerry Turner’s awkward conversation. The conversation began with Turner assuring the host that people his age still “knock boots,” a phrase Palmer told EW he hadn’t heard since the song by H-Town in the 1990s.

To make things even more uncomfortable, Gerry Turner brought Palmer’s parents into it. He remarked, “Are you still feeling like mom and dad come down the stairs with a little extra spring in their step?”

“TMI, TMI Gerry,” Jesse Palmer said, quickly turning the conversation back on the overnight dates.

Entertainment Weekly asked Jesse Palmer to recount his thoughts when Gerry Turner asked him to define intimacy. He shared the three things that crossed his mind at that moment, “a) How did Gerry just turn this thing around on me? b) How am I going to explain “intimacy” to my kids? c) I’d like to crawl into that volcano right now…”

During his time with Leslie Fhima, Gerry Turner told her she was “the one,” and he hadn’t even had his date with Theresa Nist yet! When asked about that, Palmer said, “Gerry really feels things in the moment.”

What did you think about Jesse Palmer having “The Talk” with Gerry Turner? Share your thoughts in the comments.

The season finale of The Golden Bachelor airs on Thursday, November 30, at 8 PM Eastern on ABC. You don’t want to miss it!

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