Judge Judy Sheindlin Is Back To TV, Competing With Herself?

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Judge Judy Sheindlin is coming back to television. However, she is going to have to compete with herself for views. A fan-favorite courtroom show is Judge Judy. However, she stopped filming this show in 2021. Now she is returning to television with a new show name. Fans get to continue to watch Judge Judy Sheindlin shut down cases left and right again.

Judge Judy And Her New Show

Judge Judy is coming back to television with a new show called Judy Justice. Judge Judy had 25 seasons of her old show before stopping. CBS is in charge of her old reruns and depends on networks wanting to buy the show to stream it. However, if she has a new show coming out, they may be out of the business with her shows. Judge Judy is loved by many.

 “as a juggernaut with a massive loyal audience,” who, “will follow her from broadcast to streaming, streaming to cable. If I broadcast her on a billboard in Times Square, she would draw a New Year’s Eve crowd,”

Judith Sheindlin [Judge Judy | YouTube]
[Judge Judy | YouTube]

She Has To Compete With Herself

However, Judy is going to have to compete with herself. CBS is “trying to keep Judy out of the marketplace,”. Although, this is not going to do much when Judge Judy has such a big fanbase. Someone from CBS told Page Six:

“‘Judge Judy’ has been a staple of our syndication programming offerings for decades. We already have the whole library to license… our plate is full.”

It seems Judy is not interested in doing any deals with CBS and Amazon Freevee is going to be the home of her new show. However, people stated that the new show may not be as popular as the old one. They referenced to The Talk and The View. Regardless, fans are excited to see what Judge Judy has been up to and cannot wait to see her back in the courtroom once again. 

Judge Judy is back to sort the legal messes of people across the USA. Pic credit: IMDB TV

It seems that Judy Justice is going to have to compete with Judge Judy in the viewing department. However, fans will more than likely want to see her new cases rather than watch reruns of her old ones. She is one of the most well-known judges and is going to be successful regardless. She also has a big fanbase to follow her. How do you feel about her new show? Will you be watching? Sound off in the comments below.

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