‘Kitchen Nightmares’ Sneak Peek: See Gordon Ramsay’s Reaction to Chef’s ‘Homemade’ Sauce (VIDEO)

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“Are you joking with me right now?” That’s what Gordon Ramsay wants to know once he hears what an executive chef has to say in TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek of the Monday, October 2 episode of Fox‘s Kitchen Nightmares.

This executive chef calls himself “a culinary gangster,” but as you can see, Ramsay finds quite a bit to call him out on. “Why are you f**king around with me with the tacos?” he asks. “You cut one up and send it back out to me like a smartass having a joke. You just throw so much s**t on there because you’re charging a fortune for them.”

In fact, every person that day walked out with boxes, which leads Ramsay to ask if anyone thought about portion size. “People are taking away more food than they’re eating,” he points out.

Furthermore, according to the chef, everything is homemade and has “authenticity,” with the cheese sauce on his macaroni and cheese his signature. But where is it from? Watch the rest of the full clip above to see the truth about this “homemade” sauce, as well as Ramsay’s reaction.

In the October 2 episode of Kitchen Nightmares, “Bask 46,” when a New Jersey couple’s six-month old gastropub is in jeopardy due to their fiery head chef and dysfunctional menu, Ramsay offers his expertise and works to transform it into a successful business.

Each episode of the series follows Ramsay as he revamps a restaurant in crisis, exposing the stressful realities of running a successful food business. Now more than ever, restaurant owners are faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges, including health code violations, staffing issues, menu errors, and kitchen conditions found only in nightmares. It is inspired by one of the UK’s biggest hits and hails from Studio Ramsay Global and FOX Alternative Entertainment. Ramsay serves as an executive producer with showrunner David De Angelis.

Kitchen Nightmares, Mondays, 8/7c, Fox

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