‘RHOC’ Briana Culberson’s Rules Causing Mental Anguish On Kids?

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Are RHOC alum Briana Culberson’s rules causing mental anguish on her children? The daughter of Vicki Gunvalson shares four kids with her husband, Ryan Culberson. Yet, some believe that she may not be doing things right. How come? Read on for more details.

RHOC Briana Culberson’s Rules Causing Mental Anguish On Kids?

When Briana Culberson nee Wolfsmith married Ryan Culberson, it shook Vicki Gunvalson to the core. The two told her on the RHOC during Season 7 that they eloped in a drive-thru Vegas ceremony. Of course, Vicki was livid but she did end up having a traditional ceremony. The two would go on to move a handful of times as Ryan was in the military. Along with that, viewers would see Briana welcome two sons, Troy and Owen. She also added Hank and baby girl, Cora to the mix. However, it is her husband’s offputting content and beliefs that have often made fans uncomfortable.

Briana Culberson-YouTube
Briana Culberson-YouTube

Now, it seems that Briana herself is coming under fire for the way that she is raising the couple’s four kids. According to The Sun, the couple was recently questioned on social media about Halloween. They have been on a strict Keto diet for several years now. It has helped Briana slim down quite a bit as well as helped heal some of her health problems. They also share many of their favorite recipes with followers to help others live their best lives. So, during an Ask Me Anything segment, this was asked: “How do you handle Halloween with your nutritional values?”

Briana Culberson & Family-Instagram
Briana Culberson & Family-Instagram

To that, they responded: “If I wouldn’t consume it on 10/30 or 11/1, then I’m not going to compromise my values on 10/31 for a satanic holiday. Research it yourself.” Interestingly enough, they showed themselves searching in a Halloween store for a costume for one of their kids. This response from Ryan and Briana Culberson angered so many that it started commentary. One fan said this: “Well the rest of us are going to eat candy and worship satan.”

Too Much?

One fan felt that at least one of their four children will stay away from them once they turn eighteen. Mainly because they will be angered by the way that they were raised. Another called Vicki Gunvalson’s daughter an “idiot” as they had done their research. Someone suggested that Ryan and Briana Culberson have created “disordered eating” in their home while one felt kids raised like this will end up sneaking candy in the end. Vicki was just in town, visiting her daughter and grandkids so it is unclear how she feels about this.

Do you think that these strict eating rules are causing mental anguish on the children? Let us know in the comments below.

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