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Shark Tank is back with its 15th season premiere tonight. With the new season, new entrepreneurs are coming to pitch their products. One of these is Gently Soap for Sensitive Skin. Here is what you need to know about this product and where to buy it.

What is Gently Soap For Sensitive Skin on Shark Tank?

Gently Soap For Sensitive Skin is a new product on Shark Tank by entrepreneur Kristen Dunning. This is a soap that is specifically made for people with sensitive skin issues. For Kristen, this was about making soap that could help her despite suffering from eczema since she was young. She set out to find a product that would not affect her skin issues and ended up creating her own.

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Kristen was born with eczema, which she said was tough for her as a child. She said there was a social stigmatization when she was young, and her parents even said that her skin was like that of a baby alligator, always scaling and peeling.

Kristen went on steroid treatments, and this caused problems later in her life when she went through steroid withdrawal situations. As an adult, she chose to look at the issues from an academic point of view and that is where she came up with her product.

In her undergraduate years, she studied Horticultural Science and Agricultural Communications. She credited this interest to both her family’s background in agriculture and her grandmother’s interest in herbal knowledge. She looked at plants like calendula and chamomile, and this helped her develop her product line.

Gently Soap For Sensitive Skin on Shark Tank excludes essential oils, toxic chemicals, and synthetic fragrances from the product. However, this does not mean the soap does not have a pleasing scent. Instead, she used herbs to give the soap natural aromas without harming the skin’s health. Kristen also made sure her product had no waste, was vegan, and used only organic fair-trade ingredients.

Where to buy Gently Soap For Sensitive Skin from Shark Tank

Anyone who wants to buy Gently Soap For Sensitive Skin after seeing it on Shark Tank can find the product on the official website at gentlysoap.com. Anyone who offers up their email will get free shipping on any order of more than $50.

Gently Soap For Sensitive Skin

There is a Shark Tank bundle on sale for $40 (with an offer of four interest-free installments). This appears to include four different bars of soap. Bought on their own, they cost $11 each. The brands include Gardener Knauft’s (shea butter with calendula and chamomile), Treasures of the Sun (turmeric, calendula, chamomile), Reign Cloud (shea butter, alkanet root, lavender), and Breathe (cocoa butter, French rose clay, rose petals, chamomile).

Tune in to the Shark Tank Season 15 premiere Friday night at 8/7c on ABC.

What did you think of Gently Soap for Sensitive Skin on Shark Tank? Is this a product that seems promising? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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