‘Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown Exploiting Kids For Good PR?

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Is Sister Wives star Robyn Brown exploiting the kids for good PR? She has been the least desirable player out of all of the wives. Plus, she looked awful when she intervened with the siblings’ Christmas gift exchange text chain. There are a lot of actions that have painted her as the villain so is she trying to redeem herself with one act? Read on for more details.

Sister Wives Robyn Brown Exploiting Kids For Good PR?

Robyn Brown has been considered the downfall of the Brown family for several seasons. She has consistently pushed and used former first wife Meri Brown to stay in the family. Yet, she knows that husband, Kody Brown wants nothing to do with Meri. More so, when former third wife Christine Brown chose to leave the plural family, she got mad and didn’t understand. Robyn maintained that Christine was robbing her of all of her future polygamist dreams. Then, around Christmas, the kids started their usual gift text exchange which Robyn felt the need to insert herself in. Fans were not happy with how she handled it and the way she removed her kids from the exchange.

Robyn Brown/TLC

Then, she had Mykelti Brown Padron and Logan Brown relay the message that her kids would not be participating. Knowing she has been considered a villain, is the Sister Wives star trying to redeem herself? Fans think so. In the latest episode, she and Kody threw a birthday party for Christine’s daughter, Truely, who was turning 12. Also there were Ysabel and Mykelti. Quickly, a Reddit thread was started to discuss what Robyn’s true motives are for having the girls over.

Truely, Christine, Myketi, Ysabel, Aspyn Brown-Instagram
Truely, Christine, Myketi, Ysabel, Aspyn Brown-Instagram

The OP wrote: “Robyn and Kody are exploiting Truly, Ysabel, Mykleti and her kids for content. They don’t show us their own children in the house. Why is that?” She also did this for Christmas to make it seem like they were one big happy family. Furthermore, she talked about Truely almost being a teenager. More so, she noted how she came into the family when Truely was born. So, she does not know a life without Robyn.

Redditors Chime In

So, did fellow Redditors think that Robyn Brown was using the girls to make her look better in the Sister Wives fans’ eyes? One pointed this out: “Great point. Did see robyn smacking ari’s hand away from the cake after truely blew out the candles. And aurora picking her ear with a sour look on her face.” Another noted that they always have a ton of cameras around to record Truely and Ysabel but are never filming Robyn’s five. It seems she only wants to show herself playing a good mother and sister wife. Could this be because Christine said she wanted nothing to do with Robyn and her family?

Do you believe Robyn really cares about the other kids or just wants to act sweet for cameras? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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