‘Special Forces’ Why Isn’t A New Episode On AGAIN This Week?

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Why isn’t a new episode of Special Forces on again this week? Last week, it was off-air because of baseball so what is the cause for another missing episode? Read on for more details to learn when the hot FOX reality series will be returning.

Special Forces Why Isn’t A New Episode On AGAIN This Week?

Viewers have only gotten to see four episodes of Season 2 of Special Forces since it premiered on September 25th. Several cast members have left the show for a variety of reasons. Savannah Chrisley is now the guardian of her two younger siblings. Therefore, she missed them and wanted to be with them. Blac Chyna was done with the challenges and gave up whereas Kelly Rizzo’s knees gave out in episode 4. She pushed as hard as she could but she knew her limitations. Tara Reid was the first to exit but that was no shock.

Tara Reid-YouTube
Tara Reid-YouTube

She tried to smuggle in contraband on day one and just could not stand up to the challenge. Brian Austin Green just complained a lot and then turned in his number. It felt like they were dropping like flies but some have stuck around no matter what. Tyler Cameron even vomited standing up per staff orders. The exact episode description was: “The remaining recruits are tasked with a 2-mile race and navigating treacherous terrain while carrying a 220-pound boat.” In episode 5, which should have aired last week, this is what fans would have seen:

“The remaining recruits are taken to the top of a mountain range to face the most demanding exercise of selection so far — using a single rope to crawl across a deadly ravine.”

Tom Sandoval-YouTube
Tom Sandoval-YouTube

It sounds terrifyingly exciting but sadly, it will be another week until viewers get to see this Special Forces episode. Why is this? It is due to the World Series which will air on FOX in its time slot. For those who do not care for sports, this is hitting them hard as they have to wait until November 6th for the show to return.

Fans Are Bummed

Of course, this additional week delay has Special Forces fans bummed and not happy about the situation. So, they took to Twitter/X to express their disdain.

However, when it does return, it should be smooth sailing from there. The exciting part will be seeing who will stay and finish to the end and who might cave.

Are you sad that it is not on again? Let us know and watch Special Forces when it returns Monday, November 6th to FOX.

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