‘The Golden Bachelor’: Leslie’s 69 Joke & More Wild Moments From Season 1

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Bachelor Nation still has a month to wait before The Golden Bachelor star Gerry Turner and his new leading lady walk down the aisle in ABC’s January 4 “Golden Wedding” special, but that gives fans plenty of time to relive the rollercoaster season that was.

From the Golden Bachelor contestants’ unforgettable arrivals to their borderline-NSFW jokes to the recent allegations about Gerry himself, here are the wild moments we’re still thinking about.

1. Contestants make saucy entrances

Theresa celebrated her birthday by showing up to the Bachelor Mansion and opening her robe to reveal her “birthday suit” — which, to ABC’s probable relief, was actually a nude-colored body suit. And April, who grew up on a farm, clucked like a chicken and told Gerry her eggs were still “very fresh.”

Meanwhile, Renee did a censor-baiting cheerleading routine, chanting, “Golden Gerry / You’re my man / Looking golden with that tan / Hope to bring you lots of luck / ‘Cause I’m the girl you want to… marry.”

2. April fakes an injury as Nancy actually gets hurt

During a pickleball group date midway through the Golden Bachelor season, April flopped to the court, acting out an ankle injury in a ploy for alone time for Gerry. “A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do,” she later told Entertainment Tonight. “I mean, if you put me in drastic times, I’m gonna bring it.”

Unfortunately, Nancy hurt herself on the date, suffering a stress fracture in her leg. “It hurts. … So I’m just hanging in.” (She hung in long enough to be sent packing in that same episode.)

3. Kris Jenner gives Susan a shout-out

After fans pointed out Susan’s resemblance to Kris Jenner, the Kardashian-Jenner matriarch sent a video in for The Golden Bachelor’s “Women Tell All” reunion to give high praise to her doppelgänger. “Susan, you are amazing, and I love your style, love the hair, and you nailed it, doll,” she said.

4. Leslie makes a 69 joke

During her Fantasy Suite night with Gerry, Leslie was shocked to hear that the thermostat was set to 80. When Gerry asked Leslie what temperature she likes, she coyly said, “69,” sending them both into fits of giggles.

Some viewers cringed at the joke — “Oy vey,” one wrote on X — while others were duly amused — “Glad to see 69 jokes still hit in your 70s” another person quipped.

5. Gerry’s ex spills the tea

On the eve of the Golden Bachelor season finale, The Hollywood Reporter poked holes in Gerry’s backstory — reporting, for example, that the “retired restaurateur” last owned a restaurant in 1985 and still seems to be working in other lines of work.

Even more damningly, an ex codenamed Carolyn told the magazine that Gerry started dating her shortly after his wife’s death, that he berated her for gaining 10 pounds, and that he accused her of falling down a flight of stairs to delay her moving-out date after their breakup.

The Golden Wedding, January 4, 8/7c, ABC

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