Interview With The Vampire: No Pain Review: It Was All Pain


For an episode titled ‘No Pain’ all we saw was pain from our main characters. Tonight’s episode gave Armand the opportunity to tell his story of how he and Lestat met. As expected, it was full of intrigue, romance and pain. 

Armand recounts for Daniel while Louis is still asleep how he was leading the Paris coven from the sewers and Lestat was showing out for the mortals on stage. When he confronts Lestat, he is mocked and Lestat refuses to come to the coven. We get a glimpse of Nicholas as he and Lestat stroll down the streets and are confronted by Armand, this time out in the open. 
“No Pain” – INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE, Pictured: Assad Zaman as Armand Photo: Larry Horricks/AMC ©2024 All Rights Reserved

Armand shows his power by stopping time and moving Lestat and Nicholas with his mind. Lestat is taken aback as he does not have this power but Armand explains he will as Marius is also his maker. The stunts and fighting in this scene was very well done. Seeing cocky Lestat put down with minimal effort was a scene definitely worth watching more than once. 
The kidnapping of Nicholas was enough to make Lestat visit the coven but only to dismantle it leaving Armand only and on the verge of throwing himself on the fire. Lestat visits him, seduces him and convinces him to start the theater company and live in plain sight of mortals. After attending one of the shows together in the theater box and while Nicholas watches with rage and jealousy, Armand tells Lestat that he loves him, Lestat repeats back to Armand that he loves him and the two kiss. 

“No Pain” – INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE, Pictured: Sam Reid as Lestat de Lioncourt Photo: Larry Horricks/AMC ©2024 All Rights Reserved

Flash to present day and Louis explains to Daniel who is craving to know what happened next that Armand taught Lestat the mind gift and after a week Lestat left, abandoning him and Nicholas. The story now shifts to Louis and Armand. They flirt and dance around each other the whole episode but the reveal regarding the truth about Lestat comes out with Armand having known the whole time. 
Claudia is dealing with a lot of emotions this episode as well. She is getting everything she wants with the coven accepting her as one of their own. It seems her lie about Bruce is convincing some but not all. Santiago asks her what gift she learned from her maker and she says she was taught to lie – he tells her to work on it, hinting at him possibly knowing the truth. She recounts to Louis what Bruce did to her, reliving that pain in a heartbreaking scene that leaves the audience wanting Claudia to win. So, when the coven performs her ceremony to welcome her, it stings when they make a new play, having her play a little girl’s role – the exact thing she is running from. 
Santiago continued to be petty, insisting that Armand kill Louis for his slip up in the park, leaving a dead body after having visions of killing Lestat. After all, Armand killed his maker for less he points out. Armand agrees but when he and Louis are alone, they dance around again. Louis asks Armand to take care of Claudia, sensing Armand’s plan to kill him. Armand explains that Claudia will not last long in the coven having been turned so young. Part of what made this scene so interesting is Armand’s power to summon fire. Louis does not want to die like that however. In fact, of no great surprise and quite obviously, Armand does not kill him and instead they spend their first night together. 
“No Pain” – INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE, Pictured: Ben Daniels as Santiago Photo: Larry Horricks/AMC ©2024 All Rights Reserved

Elsewhere during the episode Daniel meets a member of the Talamasca. He transfers files to his computer that pop up during his interview. He is intrigued and does not mention this to Armand and Louis. 
Book readers will notice some elements from ‘The Vampire Lestat’ made it into this episode. While the episodes are so full of rich dialogue, we got a lot of action and new vampire tricks to witness. It is always a treat to see them do physical battle with each other as well. Until this episode Armand and Louis were not bringing it but the chemistry between them in this episode felt more natural. Sam Reid as Lestat is hypotonic and it was great to see him in this episode putting on a show as the actor Lestat, speaking in mostly French. The seeds have been planted for what will be a gut wrenching conclusion to Claudia’s story while the introduction to the Talamasca is exciting. 
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