Todd & Julie Chrisley Lawyer Gives Update on Couple’s Bid to Be Freed From Prison ‘Nightmare’

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Chrisley Knows Best stars Todd and Julie Chrisley are still fighting against the convictions that have placed them behind bars for combined 19-year sentences.

Now the couple’s lawyer is giving an update on the appeals process they’re pushing amid “nightmare” conditions previously reported. Speaking to People, Jay Surgent, a partner at Weiner Law Group LLP, who represents the couple, shared that they “did our final filings” last week for an appeal.

Julie and Todd Chrisley in 'Chrisley Knows Best'

(Credit: Annette Brown / ©USA Network / Courtesy: Everett Collection)

While they still aren’t sure where the filings will take them, Surgent offered an update on what could happen amid proceedings. “The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals can reverse the District Court, or they could remand the case back for hearings that should have been held that were not held during the course of this trial,” Surgent told People. “We argued very vigorously that their constitutional rights have been violated, and that they basically were not given a fair hearing. It’s all in black and white, actually.”

Todd and Julie were found guilty of fraud and were sentenced in November of 2022, but didn’t report to prison until January of this year.

Ahead of this appeals update, Surgent told TMZ that Todd had been enduring bad plumbing, potential mold, and no air conditioning to hold off the extreme heat being experienced in Pensacola, Florida where he’s serving his sentence. Meanwhile, Julie is also reportedly experiencing tough conditions in Lexington, Kentucky where she’s currently serving her sentence.

“Their living conditions… it’s an absolutely ridiculous situation,” Surgent said. The lawyer further wanted to clarify that “Not that we’re saying that they deserve special treatment because they’re celebrities. They don’t… What we’re saying is that they, along with other inmates, deserve better treatment. We shouldn’t be treating our prisoners the way we’re treating our prisoners at this point in time.”

Will their appeal process work? Stay tuned.

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