Tori Spelling NOT Ready To Forgive Dean McDermott’s Scary Rages

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Tori Spelling is unwilling to forgive or forget the scary alcohol and prescription drug-fueled rages of her husband Dean McDermott.

A source close to the Beverly Hills, 90210 actress claims that Tori is, of course, happy that Dean is finally getting the help he needs to get in a better place in life. She, however, also has regrets as well as other emotions about the situation.

What exactly is it that Tori Spelling is feeling right now toward her husband Dean McDermott? Keep reading for the details.

Tori Spelling NOT Ready To Forgive Dean McDermott’s Scary Rages

As fans recall, the 50-year-old actress finally reached a breaking point when it came to her husband’s addiction to alcohol and prescription drugs. It was after Dean McDermott took to Instagram while he was drunk to announce he and Tori were getting a divorce that the actress realized she was finished with him and ordered him to go to rehab.

Tori Spelling-YouTube
Tori Spelling-YouTube

At the time, Dean McDermott acknowledged that he had a problem. He admitted he would be spending the rest of his life “making amends” for all of his mistakes. Likewise, he thanked Tori Spelling for getting him into a sober living facility. Unfortunately, however, it appears as though it was too late for his marriage.

She Is Happy, But Won’t Forgive Him

A source close to Tori Spelling tells InTouch Weekly that she is definitely happy Dean McDermott was able to get all of the help and treatment he needed.

Tori, however, can’t help but feel as though it is a “too little, too late” situation. Furthermore, Tori Spelling wonders why her husband took so long to get help. Sadly, she wishes he would have helped himself sooner to save their marriage.

Dean McDermott, YouTube
Dean McDermott, YouTube

Prior to hitting rock bottom, Dean McDermott was reportedly drinking tequila and taking prescription medication nearly every night. Tori Spelling claimed he would slip into intoxicated rages that left both her and their children terrified.

Furthermore, Tori Spelling was also afraid her husband was going to take a toxic combination of alcohol and prescription medication that would cause him to pass away. So, she found herself constantly checking on him after he got intoxicated and passed out.

New Man And New Girlfriend

To date, Dean McDermott is a new man. Sadly, however, things seem to be over for good with him and Tori as he’s reportedly dating a woman named, Lily Calo.

The source goes on to add: “Tori understands that an addict can only help himself when he’s ready…but it’s sad that it coincided with the end of their marriage.”

Tori Spelling - Dean McDermott YOutube
Tori Spelling – Dean McDermott Youtube

The source, however, has no doubts that Tori Spelling won’t be able to come out the other side of this situation stronger than ever before.

Are you sad to learn things seem to be over for good between these two? Do you think Tori Spelling made the right call pushing Dean away? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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