‘Twin Love’: Brie & Nikki Garcia on What Shocked Them About Dating Show’s Contestants (VIDEO)

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Prime Video is doubling — or maybe halving — a person’s odds of finding love in its dating reality series, Twin Love.

Hosted by identical twins Brie and Nikki Garcia, Twin Love explores the love lives of identical twins. You may want to open the calculator app on your smartphone as the premise for this series involves a bit of math. Ten sets of twins have been split up and placed in two different houses. Chemistry will kick in as folks become interested in each other. But will a twin in one house find love with the same twin that their twin does in another? That’s where things get complicated.

If a twin splits with his or her love interest in one house, then they’ll go to the other house, collect their twin and exit together – even if that other twin has hit it off with someone and even fallen in love.

The series will take a look at just how identical twins are beyond their physical qualities. Brie and Nikki chatted with TV Insider about Twin Love and their own unique journey as twins.

“I felt they were so alike,” Brie says of the 10 sets of twins. “They were very identical. That’s what shocked me. Usually, I can meet twins and see differences and different personalities. But I was shocked that all 10 sets of twins were so identical.”

The Cast of 'Twin Love'

Wade Brands/Prime Video

Nikki and Brie both say it’s not usual at all for a twin to see him or herself very differently than his or her sibling even if they occasional dress in identical outfits. “When I was living in New York and Nikki was in San Diego, we had to meet for a wrestling show somewhere in Middle America,” Brie recalls. “We both showed up in the exact same outfit.” Nikki adds, “To a ‘T.’”

“We just looked at each other and went, ‘Oh…’ I didn’t even know she had it,” Brie recalls.

“People have said when we do [separate] interviews, ‘Your sister said the exact same thing,’” Nikki says.

One thing that the Garcia twins have in common with other siblings is that they banter! “She loves material things,” Brie says of Nikki. “Oh, my God, that is not true,” Nikki replies. “I appreciate material things. But I’m not obsessed.”

The Garcia sisters can be forgiven if they mistake any of the contestants for their respective twins. After all, that happens to them all the time. “People will get us confused,” Brie says. Nikki notes: “It happens so much.”

All 20 contestants have to give up their cell phones so they won’t be able to communicate with their siblings and exchanges notes. What would be more difficult for the Garcia twins: giving up their phones or being separated from each other? “For us, it would be being separated,” Nikki says. “I could live without my phone, but I can’t live without [Brie].”

Watch the full video interview above for more.

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