Will There Be A ‘Golden Bachelor Women Tell All’ Special?

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Things have seemed to run a little differently than the traditional Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons. So, fans are wondering if The Golden Bachelor will get a Women Tell All special as the other shows do. Everyone wants to hear from the ladies Gerry Turner sent home. Many have gained support and fans from all over and everyone is eager to know how things have been since leaving the show. Keep reading to find out more.

Will there be a Golden Bachelor Women Tell All?

According to previous reports, there are only three episodes remaining in the debut season of The Golden Bachelor. Fans have been inquiring if among these episodes there will be a Women Tell All special airing.

As it turns out, fans are in luck. There will be a Women Tell All special. This week hometown dates will air on November 2. Then, the following week, fans will get to see the Women Tell All on November 9.

If the schedule put out is correct, the season finale and Gerry Turner’s final rose ceremony will take place on November 16. So far there have not been any details if this episode will be longer than one hour or if they will have an after-show as they do with the other Bachelor shows.

Gerry Turner via YouTube 25

Do any of the women have regrets?

So far all of the women who have appeared on The Golden Bachelor have voiced that they have no regrets. Sandra Mason is one of them. She feels honored that she was one of 23 women chosen out of 29,000 applicants. She’s also made some lasting friendships she will carry forward.

As for Susan Noles, she too is happy she did the show. While she feels she and Gerry Turner were always in the friend zone, she thinks they will be lifetime friends. In fact, she has already offered to officiate his wedding should he marry his final choice.

Susan also thinks that a few of the ladies who they have nicknamed the “ASKN” crew should have their own spin-off. This group includes April, Susan, Kathy and Nancy. They think fans would love to see their different yet hilarious personalities on something like a modern-day version of The Golden Girls. 

Susan Noles via YouTube 3

As for Gerry, Sandra feels like he found what he came to the show to find. She wishes him nothing but the best even though it wasn’t with her. She believes one can find love at any age.

Sandra Mason via Youtube

What do you think about these four ladies forming a modern-day Golden Girls? Are you excited to see the Women Tell All? 

Stay tuned for more updates and spoilers.

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