’90 Day Fiance’ finale: Violet says she’s pregnant with Riley’s baby, Meisha and Nicola get engaged, and Jasmine’s denied K-1 visa interview


90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ Season 6 finale featured Violet claiming she’s pregnant with Riley’s baby, Meisha and Nicola getting engaged, Dempsey asking Statler to move to England and live with her, and Jasmine being denied a K-1 visa interview during Sunday night’s episode on TLC.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days featured Jasmine winning Gino back after their “worst fight ever,” Sheila’s son agreeing to move to America, Violet stopping Riley’s love profession, Statler and Dempsey not seeing eye to eye about kids, and Razvan rejecting Amanda’s request for an engagement during the Season 6 episode that aired Sunday night on TLC.


The eight couples starring on the new season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days include Gino Palazzolo, a 53-year-old from Michigan, and Jasmine Pineda, a 35-year-old from Panama; Amanda, a 31-year-old from Louisiana and Razvan, a 26-year-old from Romania; and Riley, a 48-year-old from Pennsylvania, and Violet, a 43-year-old from Vietnam.

The rest of the couples are Christian, a 30-year-old from Minnesota and Cleo, a 32-year-old from England; Tyray, a 33-year-old from California, and Carmella, a 27-year-old from Barbados; David, a 42-year-old from Nebraska and Sheila, a 31-year-old from the Philippines; Meisha, a 43-year-old from Minnesota, and Nicola, a 46-year-old from Israel; and Statler, a 33-year-old from Texas, and Dempsey, a 28-year-old from England.

According to TLC, Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days will follow long-distance relationships and document how each couple found each other as well as their first in-person meeting in a foreign country “and the unexpected surprises, cultural clashes and dramatic twists” along the way.

“This season serves up an explosion of emotion with all the highs and lows of dating across the globe, as marriage proposals dangle in the distance,” the network teased.

In most 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days cases, a pair of lovebirds are hoping to get engaged and begin the K-1 Visa process.

After traveling across the world, the couples will determine if love can conquer all as they experience challenges such as language barriers, interfering families, cultural differences, age gaps, ex partners, and baggage from the past.

Below is what happened on Episode 16, the finale of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ sixth season.


After finding out that Statler never wants to have children or adopt a kid, Dempsey was shown angrily packing up her clothes and avoiding a conversation Statler.

Dempsey thought she and Statler hadn’t made their minds up about kids yet, and so Dempsey was shocked when Statler suddenly gave her a definite “no” about having a baby. Dempsey therefore said this was a “make or break” situation for their relationship.

“Our relationship is not going to work,” Dempsey lamented to her girlfriend.


Statler couldn’t believe her romantic trip had ended this way.

“Even though I didn’t tell her I definitely don’t want kids, she didn’t tell me either that she definitely did. I had no clue Dempsey was so adamant about becoming a mother, but I do know I don’t want to lose her over this,” Statler told the cameras.


Dempsey told Statler that she had a bad attitude and it was up to Statler whether their relationship was over.

Statler went into the bathroom and started breathing heavily. About 20 minutes after Statler saying she didn’t feel good and wanted to be alone, the air was tense and the women were quiet.

Dempsey explained to Statler how she had taken her by surprise, and Statler said her anxiety was through the roof.

Statler simply couldn’t fathom or commit to having a child in the moment, especially since she and Dempsey had just begun dating, but she reasoned how things could change in a couple of years. Statler apologized to Dempsey for having “roller coaster” emotions, and she admitted she can be a b-tch sometimes.

Dempsey ultimately decided that she wanted to continue on with their romance, even though their difference of opinion was a risk that Dempsey could end up with a broken heart. Dempsey hoped Statler would eventually come around to the idea of a child, but that lack of compatibility was going to hang over them.

Statler worried about going home after such a heavy and emotional conversation. There was a lot of uncertainty, and Statler didn’t want this issue to weigh on Dempsey once they’re apart and make her second-guess their relationship.

Statler and Dempsey only had one day left before Statler would be returning to Texas.

During their last night together, there was a lot up in the air because Dempsey wasn’t ready for Statler to move in with her just yet. Statler therefore didn’t know what their next move was going to be.

Statler asked Dempsey if she could fly back a week later, and Dempsey replied, “You can, if you want.”

Statler didn’t want Dempsey to feel they were rushing things or taking things too quickly by moving in together, but Dempsey said she had changed her mind and wanted Statler to move in with her.

Statler appeared shocked but very pleased, and she asked, “Really?!”

“I want you here with me,” Dempsey insisted. “It would be nice [to have you here]. I’ve been thinking every day, ‘Could I live with you? Could I spend my time with you?’ And I think that, yeah, I could!”

Statler said she was ready to take this leap of faith and be with Statler in a committed relationship. Statler wasn’t sure how she’d adjust to farm life, but she assured her girlfriend, “I just want to be with you.”

Statler said she couldn’t wait to come back to England in about a month, but she pointed out how she was going to miss her WIFI, cell service, hot showers, and city-life conveniences. Statler knew she’d be sacrificing a lot to live with the love of her life.

During the couple’s last morning together, they snuggled in bed. Statler just hoped history wasn’t going to repeat itself, because with her ex, she was ready to leave the country and move in with her — before receiving a phone call that ended their relationship.

“A lot can happen in one month,” Statler said.


Dempsey worried that Statler wasn’t going to like living in her tiny home or be able to adapt to her lifestyle. Dempsey said she wasn’t going to change her whole life for Statler, and so she hoped moving in together was the right decision.

Dempsey then drove Statler to the airport, and Statler assured Dempsey that her comforts at home meant nothing if it meant they couldn’t be together. Statler said she was totally in love and had found the unconditional love she had been searching for.

The couple hugged and kissed goodbye in the airport, and Statler noted, “See you soon.”


Riley was shown back home in America about two weeks after his trip to Vietnam, and he admitted his relationship with Violet was confusing.

“We ended on goodbye,” Riley said. “Once I got home, I got some very nasty text messages from Violet saying that it’s over and she doesn’t want anything to do with me anymore.”

Riley showed the text messages, and Violet apparently wrote, “I want to break up the relationship. Good luck with your choice. Good bye. Please block contact [with] me.”

Riley said he wasn’t surprised because of the ups and downs he and Violet had endured in Vietnam. But then, a few days later, Violet started messaging Riley again, and Riley admitted he didn’t know what to do with these mixed signals.

Riley went on to read how Violet had allegedly typed an apology.

“I’m sorry to have hurt and disappointed you and shattered your dreams of a family. I loved you so much and didn’t give you true love like you expected,” Violet apparently wrote. “I want to marry. I want a peace family. I want to take care of a man. Love him.”

Riley wondered where this change in attitude was coming from because he thought they were done. Riley admitted Violet’s behavior didn’t make sense.

When asked if HE was done, Riley replied, “I don’t know. Do I still have love for her? Absolutely. But I was extremely hurt by her actions… I don’t know if this relationship with Violet if fixable. We have a lot to work on.”

Riley said he needed to think about and process things before making a decision about whether to keep dating Violet.

Several weeks later, Riley received some surprising news from Violet, according to an on-screen graphic.

Riley’s friend Tiffanie was then shown asking Riley if she was going to be an auntie.

“Last week, Violet texted me, and she told me that she’s pregnant — and that the baby is mine,” Riley revealed.

Riley, who was in shock, said he was struggling how to process this. He felt confused and couldn’t believe he was about to, potentially, be a dad.

Riley explained to Tiffanie how Violet had been mean to him during his trip but then Violet came back on her own and intimacy took place in his hotel room.

“She’s 5’2″ and I’m 6’4″. It was a lot of fun!” Riley gushed, before laughing.


Riley said he didn’t go to Vietnam with the expectation of having sex with Violet but “one thing led to another” and it just happened. Riley said the sexual encounter was “nice” but he never thought he’d be making a baby.

Riley apparently didn’t use any type of birth control, but he told Tiffanie how there was “less than one percent chance” he could get a woman pregnant due to the medication he was on.

“The reason I’m having doubt now is because Violet has lied to me in the past,” Riley explained to the cameras.

“And also, from what my doctors have told me, I cannot get a woman pregnant. It’s not that it could never happen, but I’d have to be off the medication for a certain period of time to bring up my sperm count. So I’m kind of like, ‘How?’ But miracles do happen!”

Riley confessed he wasn’t sure if the baby was his, but he didn’t want to be a jerk. He also wanted to support her.

Riley therefore asked Violet to confirm the baby is his. Riley found a prenatal doctor and told Violet that he’d pay for all of her care, as long as she saw this particular doctor.

“And she wouldn’t go. She said, ‘No, I have my own doctor,'” Riley recalled. “And then she comes out and was like, ‘Why don’t you just ask me to marry you already?'”

Tiffanie thought that sounded crazy and that maybe Violet was just looking for a ticket to come to the United States and obtain a green card.

Riley was afraid to get emotionally attached to Violet, and he wasn’t even convinced that he was the only man she was seeing and/or sleeping with. Riley seemed emotional and overwhelmed.

“I feel out of control. All I know is that I need a DNA test to prove the paternity,” Riley said.

“And if Violet is pregnant with my child, obviously I’m going to do the right thing. I will not allow my child to grow up without a father. I’ll do whatever it takes to be in my child’s life. I just really hope I’m not being played. It sucks. It really sucks.”


The night before Amanda was going to return home to her kids, Amanda wanted to show Razvan her softer side by buying him flowers and gifts. She wanted to show Razvan that she could be the loving partner he needed, which required her to open up and be vulnerable.

Amanda told Razvan that she loved him, and she gifted him a heart pillow, a blanket — both of which he could cuddle with and think of her — as well framed photographs of them as a couple.

Razvan thought the gesture was very sweet, and he gave her a kiss.

Razvan intended to take Amanda out to a nice dinner that night, but he wasn’t sure what he was going to do. Razvan’s heart wanted to fight for the relationship, but his head was telling him that the relationship was “toxic” and he and Amanda simply weren’t good for each other.

Once at dinner on the water, Amanda asked Razvan if he wanted to continue their relationship. She was mentally preparing herself for heartbreak.

“I can’t just wait around for him to continue to be unsure about us,” Amanda explained. “There are no more dates after this. I’m going back home; this is it.”


Razvan then read a card from Amanda, who had apologized for being mean and hurting his feelings. She shared how she really wanted them to be together, and Razvan appreciated how romantic she could be.

Razvan told Amanda that he loved her a lot and wanted to make things work, and so a big smile flashed across Amanda’s face. Razvan could tell that he was seeing “the real Amanda,” the person he had gotten to know in the beginning, and so he believed her when she said she wanted to work on things.

Razvan realized in that moment it would be a mistake to give up on their relationship.

With that being said, Amanda asked Razvan when he would like to move to the United States.

“I was thinking Thanksgiving. I think it would be a nice time for you to meet the kids and my other family,” Amanda shared.

Razvan agreed to the plan and gushed about how he felt really excited. Amanda said she and Razvan had grown from their challenges and she could see them being very happy together in the future.

Razvan then drove Amanda to the airport, and he was suddenly really excited about what the future held for them. He didn’t look forward to waking up alone, and Amanda acknowledged how she was really going to miss her man.

“Next time we see each other, it will probably be when you meet my kids,” Amanda shared, adding how she loved Razvan and was 100 percent ready to take that next step with him.

The couple then kissed and said goodbye — just for now. Amanda said she had found a strong love after losing her husband, and she said she realized it’s okay to continue on with her life and be happy.


Five months after Gino left Panama, Gino said he really missed Jasmine and their relationship was going strong. However, the pair missed each other terribly.

“This visa process has been a nightmare. It has taken absolutely forever,” Gino admitted.

Jasmine then had her visa interview scheduled at the Embassy in Canada. They had waited a year-and-a-half for this day, and Gino gushed about how he was “so excited” and couldn’t wait to get the ball rolling on the process.

Gino set up some decorations in his home to celebrate Jasmine’s interview with his cousin Dana. Gino was very excited for his fiancee, but he was worried Jasmine may get thrown off by a couple of questions.

“If she goes into panic mode, she can get really upset,” Gino acknowledged. “I just want Jasmine to stay calm.”

Meanwhile, Jasmine was nervous and didn’t know what to expect, especially since she admittedly doesn’t handle pressure well. Jasmine only had one shot at this, to prove her relationship with Gino was real and genuine.

Jasmine apparently struggles to articulate her words when she’s nervous, and so she was afraid to mess up this very important opportunity.

“I have never wanted something so badly in my life. It’s very scary that the future of my relationship completely depends on what’s going to happen in the next 30 minutes,” Jasmine said on her way to the interview.

About 90 minutes at the Embassy, Jasmine FaceTimed with Gino and was in tears.

“What happened?” Gino asked.

“We’re never gonna be able to be together,” Jasmine cried.


Jasmine said after waiting for 90 minutes, she was told there was an issue processing her application. Jasmine didn’t know what the issue was, and so she was just bawling her eyes out.

Jasmine told Gino that she didn’t even have her interview. The Embassy took her paperwork, but that was it!

Gino didn’t know what was going on or what they had forgotten, but he planned to get to the bottom of things. Jasmine said they had all of her information and so not receiving an interview was very depressing.

No one told Jasmine “no,” but she also didn’t know what immigration was going to do next.

“We are so screwed; this is never going to work,” Jasmine vented, adding how a part of her wanted to give up. “They think our love isn’t good enough for us to be in the same place. I give up. This is it. This is it.”


Meisha was about to leave Israel and head back to Minnesota, and Nicola said he didn’t know where Meisha’s head and heart stood with him.

During the last day of Meisha’s trip, Nicola told Meisha — while apparently shopping through a local market — how he loved her very much and wanted to tell her something important.

Nicola got down on one knee and asked, “I am asking you if you want to marry me, because I was waiting for a woman like you.”

Meisha, wearing a pretty pink dress, appeared stunned and happy. Nicola said he didn’t have a ring but he’d be willing to shop for one and buy it with her.

Meisha replied, “Right here? Yes, I will. Oh my gosh!”

Nicola told Meisha that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, and Meisha seemed overjoyed. Meisha seemed to think the marriage proposal was a little out of place, given it was in public in the middle of a street, but Nicola thought his gesture was very romantic.

Nicola also pointed out how they were only 20 minutes away from the Holy Sepulchre Church in Jerusalem, which made their engagement “sacred.”

Meisha felt “yes” was the right thing to say due to Nicola’s strength and courage. She praised him for lighting up her life.

While Meisha didn’t have all the answers, she said she was “going for it” and was “so excited” to do so.

Meisha then got to pick out her own engagement ring. Meisha picked out a simple and nice diamond ring that cost just under $2,000 in American dollars. Nicola confessed that was “far” out of his budget, but the couple was told it was one of a kind.

Nicola attempted to negotiate with the salesman, which cheapened the moment for Meisha a little bit. She said the moment felt “so not hot.”

The salesman agreed to drop the price by several hundred dollars, and then they ultimately agreed on a price of $1,228.66.

Nicola proceeded to propose — once again — with the ring, and Meisha said, “Yes.”

After such a joyful moment, distance was still going to be a barrier for Nicola and Meisha’s romance as well as the annulment of Meisha’s prior marriage. The pair prayed everything would hopefully work out and they could get married.

Meisha wasn’t sure how long her annulment was going to take, and she said she couldn’t even apply for the K-1 visa until after the approval.

Nicola, however, would be able to get a Tourist Visa, travel to the U.S., and stay there for three months. She thought Nicola staying with her made the most sense, since they’d be waiting for the annulment.

But Nicola wasn’t up for that. He said he’d visit her for two or three weeks, but that was it. Nicola said living with Meisha for three months would tempt them to sin and he didn’t want the devil to get them.

While Nicola and Meisha shared the same religion, she didn’t agree with him on this point. She thought they could live together without having premarital sex.

Meisha wanted Nicola to have more fire under his belly to see and spend time with each other, and she said he felt “cold and detached” from her and their future together.

Regardless, the pair had an emotional goodbye at the airport.


Christian was shown packing up his bags in London, and Cleo was very upset about the idea of him leaving her and their relationship being long distant again.

Cleo couldn’t stop crying, but Christian remained pretty calm and composed.

Christian pointed out how some of their problems had put a dent in their relationship, and he told Cleo how they needed to work on trust.

Cleo didn’t want to call their relationship “scarred,” but Christian assured his girlfriend that this was normal for couples and their relationship wasn’t damaged beyond a point of no return.

Christian shared how they needed to encounter struggles in order to learn from their mistakes and grow as a partnership, but Cleo was still upset about their moments of awkwardness and misunderstanding.

Cleo had faced a lot of rejection in the past, and she said it was difficult to find a person who will accept her for who she is.

“I don’t want to lose that. But sometimes, you can really love somebody, and at the same time, you know maybe you’re not meant to be together. I’ve been in that position before, and it’s f-cking hard,” Cleo cried in a confessional.

When the pair said goodbye to each other, they both said, “I love you.”

Christian planned to continue dating Cleo, but he confessed there were still a lot of unknowns. For example, he wasn’t sure if his family was going to come to terms with who Cleo is.

Christian said he didn’t know what the future was going to hold for them, but he thought Cleo was a “one out of a billion person” who is very special. And Cleo decided not to hold onto the negatives of Christian’s trip.

“I just don’t know if I’m going to see that smile again,” Cleo lamented to the cameras.

Once Christian got on the plane, he texted Cleo that he already missed her.


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