‘Bachelorette’ Kaitlyn Bristowe Shares Profanity-Laced Pep Talk

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Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe took to her Instagram to share some profanity-laced advice with her followers. What was her NSFW advice? Keep reading for more.

Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe Shares Profanity-Laced Pep Talk

Kaitlyn Bristowe has had a tough year. Her engagement to Jason Tartick ended in early 2023, though they took a few months to process it before publicly confirming the split. The former couple got engaged in 2021 after dating for two years. Despite the breakup, the two continue to share custody of their two Golden Retrievers, Pinot and Ramen. Fans do wonder how long Kaitlyn and Jason can continue the co-parenting schedule.

Kaitlyn Bristowe and her two dogs/Credit: Kaitlyn Bristowe Instagram
Kaitlyn Bristowe and her two dogs/Credit: Kaitlyn Bristowe Instagram

The Season 11 Bachelorette came under fire after rumors circulated that she was dating Zac Clark, who was previously engaged to Tayshia Adams. The relationship between Zac and Kaitlyn was never confirmed, so fans are constantly keeping an eye out for more tea on the rumored romance.

Some fans think Kaitlyn Bristowe’s latest Instagram post could be about Zac Clark or her previous relationship. “Goodnight you guys. When life gives you lemons, just say f**k it and bail. Namastay,” she wrote on social media. The post included a snapshot of Kaitlyn, plus a clock set to 11:11.

What did the post mean?

Credit: Kaitlyn Bristowe Instagram
Credit: Kaitlyn Bristowe Instagram

Bachelor Nation Fans Call Her Out

One concerned Bachelor Nation fan took to Reddit to ask what was going on with Kaitlyn Bristowe. Other social media users had multiple explanations for what the post was about and very few were flatting toward the former Bachelorette.

  • Well it’s Kaitlyn soooo….. everything and absolutely nothing.
  • She definitely sat waiting by her phone for it to be 11:11 so she could post this
  • Engagement is down. She needs clicks and comments
  • What rhymes with “attention-seeking”?
  • It’s just another Tuesday night for Kaitlyn
  • With Kaitlyn it could be something as simple as the grocery store didn’t have the type of cheese she wanted.

But there is a real explanation for her profanity-laced pep talk.

Follow-Up Post

Kaitlyn Bristowe’s post also sparked concern from her mom. The reality star returned to her Instagram Story to clear up any confusion her previous post caused. She shared a screenshot of a response from her mom asking what happened to cause the NSFW post.

Credit: Kaitlyn Bristowe Instagram
Credit: Kaitlyn Bristowe Instagram

“My mom was concerned but I think some of you got it,” she wrote on the screenshot. Got what? The DWTS champ didn’t come up with the profane words herself. She was quoting a memorable line from the 2008 flick Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

But do you agree with some fans that Kaitlyn Bristowe can be attention seeking? Sound off in the comments.

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