Dark Matter – The Corridor – Review: Two Heartbeats


Spoilers ahead!

The new episode of Dark Matter features the first adventures of Jason (Joel Edgerton) and Amanda (Alice Braga) inside the Corridor, a mysterious place filled with infinite doors, each of them acting as a gate to a different reality. Meanwhile, Jason 2 visits the Earth 1 version of Leighton Vance (Dayo Okeniyi), and Charlie’s (Oakes Fegley) birthday brings Daniela (Jennifer Connelly) to an emotive state of mind.
The Corridor was something else. While the first three episodes were all solid/intriguing on their own, I feel like they have to introduce a lot of concepts, ideas, and characters (as usual when it comes to the beginning of TV shows), but here we’re almost mid-season, so things are already established, and we get to the action faster.
Jason and Amanda explore the Corridor together, unaware of how they can control it. They discover that each door leads them to a new place, entering many horrifying, post-apocalyptic realities in their journey. Amanda ends up really disturbed and impulsively opens a door that leads them to a world facing a snowstorm with strong winds. When Jason reaches Amanda and tries to bring her back to the Box, the snow has already covered everything, so they end up stuck in this winterland with Amanda almost frozen to death.
“The Corridor” — Dark Matter, Pictured: Joel Edgerton as Jason, Alice Braga as Amanda. Photo: Apple TV ©. All Rights Reserved
When daylight comes, Amanda is alive and well, already thinking of ways they can find the Box and leave that reality behind before they die. I’m very appreciative of the dynamic between Jason and Amanda being more explored in this episode; I think their partnership thus far has been interesting, and I’m very curious if the show will ever put them in romantic situations (hopefully not, but it could happen). Anyway, they find the Box and discover that the doors take them to realities based on their feelings and thinking. Amanda was thinking in a very specific snowy setting when she opened the door, then the winterland appeared. Before discovering the post-apocalyptic worlds, Jason was thinking about how the Box could lead them to every possible world out there, and so on. Now, they know what they need to do to control the Corridor… But it’s too soon to Jason to come home, right?
In Earth 1, Jason 2 takes Leighton to the Box and teaches him about how it works. I’m intrigued by this; is Jason 2 preparing himself for the possible return of the original Jason? So Leighton could put some money to protect and ensure that no one enters or comes out of it? I could see Leighton hiring some security agents to protect the Box, motived by Jason 2 being worried about another version of him coming to take away the life he stole. Also, Leighton 2 is lost inside the Box! I’m worried about him; I feel like he’ll come across Jason and Amanda anytime, and they’ll be forced to work together (or they will fight to death, I don’t know — probably this one).
Anyway, The Corridor was a great episode, filled with some nice character developments, some good action, fine CGI, and finally some answers to our burning questions about the Box.
Now let me know your thoughts. What do you think about The Corridor? Feel free to leave a comment with your impressions and theories, and thanks for reading!

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