‘Big Brother’ recap: Jared Fields wins HoH, nominates Cory Wurtenberger and America Lopez for eviction after explosive fight


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Big Brother featured Jared Fields winning Head of Household and nominating Cory Wurtenberger and America Lopez for eviction during the Season 25 episode that aired Sunday night on CBS.

Jared, a 25-year-old exterminator from Norwalk, CT, won the Head of Household competition and decided to put Cory, a 21-year-old college student from Weston, FL, and America, a 27-year-old medical receptionist from Edinburg, TX who currently resides in Brooklyn, NY, on the chopping block heading into the next live eviction.


Jared’s main plan, however, is to backdoor Cameron Hardin.

The Big Brother broadcast began on Day 44 — following Izzy Gleicher’s eviction — with the continuation of “The Wall” HoH challenge, which featured the participating houseguests holding onto a wall for dear life as they were tilted, sprayed and punched with giant meatballs.

Everyone except for the former Head of Household, Cameron, was eligible to compete.

In between footage of the HoH competition, Cirie Fields was shown voicing how she could tell something was off with Cory and Matt Klotz in the house. Cirie noticed the men hadn’t been talking game with her, nor were they making eye contact.

The large group then had a meeting to discuss how alliance lines had become very blurred. Cory announced how Cirie, who was trying to downplay her multiple alliances, was benefiting from them all.

“Everyone who wins HoH feels like they’re in an alliance with Cirie, Izzy, Jared, and [Felicia Cannon],” Cory declared.

Cory determined that Jared wasn’t trustworthy, and he said he was upset that he ever believed him in the first place. Cory shared in the Diary Room how he didn’t think he’d be able to survive “a Jared HoH.”

Matt then confronted Jared about how he had heard “The Seven Deadly Sins” was a fake alliance and there was a “For Real, For Real” alliance comprised of Jared, Cirie, Felicia, Cory, Izzy, America, and Mecole Hayes.

Jared pretended like he didn’t know what the “For Real, For Real” alliance was, and so he asked Cory to join the conversation so everyone could be upfront with each other. Cory admitted he discovered Jared had been lying to him, but Jared wouldn’t acknowledge or confess to that.



Jared claimed “For Real, For Real” was fake and that “The Seven Deadly Sins” alliance was the real one.

Jared vented about how he was “pissed off” and Cory was the one who was lying, and Cory brushed off Jared’s claims as “bullsh-t.” Jared told Cory he had just “exposed” himself in front of Matt, and the two men bickered back and forth.

Cory accused Jared of “screaming over” him in order to be heard and believed, and it was clear their friendship and alliance was over. Cory called Jared out for playing everybody and making him look bad when they were supposed to be boys.

Cory pulled Jag Bains into the chaos next to hopefully get to the bottom of everything. Accusations were flying, and so Cory hoped Jag — his “witness” — would set everybody straight.

“I am the Grand Marshall of ‘Cam’s Chaos Week Parade,'” Cameron boasted as he stayed out of the drama and chilled in a different room.

Jag took Cory’s side in the argument, saying he didn’t like how Jared was damaging his reputation with Cory and Matt about the previous Felicia vs. Izzy vote. Jared was therefore caught in a lie, and Cirie was upset her son had started a war.

Jared then confessed to Cory that he simply didn’t trust him, and Cirie pointed out how there were so many alliances that had been brought up, which was very confusing for the entire house.

Cirie explained how she didn’t want to be in 75 alliances and that was never her goal.

After nine minutes, Cirie dropped out of the HoH competition first, and she hoped Jared or Blue Kim would win because she couldn’t envision Blue turning on Jared so early.

After Cirie dropped nine minutes into the competition, Felicia was out. Felicia was then followed by America after 21 minutes, Mecole after 27 minutes, and Cory after 28 minutes.

“I just can’t have Jared [win],” Cory lamented to the cameras.

Jag then quit the competition after 35 minutes. Matt went down only two minutes later.

That left Bowie Jane, Blue and Jared on the wall competing to become the new Head of Household.

Blue dropped after 43 minutes, and then Bowie Jane quickly followed. Jared therefore won HoH, and Cirie loudly celebrated and cheered, much to America and Cory’s dismay.

“Mom, I told you I’ve got you, and Izzy, I did this for you!” Jared bragged in the Diary Room. “Y’all thought you were going to have an easy week?! Nothing was getting me off that wall!”


Both Jag and Cory thought this was worst case scenario, and Jag said he didn’t know where he stood with Jared. But this was the best possible outcome for Jared and Cirie.

Cameron, meanwhile, thought Jared’s victory may work out in his favor. And Cory assumed that Jared was going to be targeting him.

Before the Nomination Ceremony, Jared spoke to Cirie about how he was thinking of nominating Cory and America for eviction. Jared recognized, however, that Cameron was a strong competitor. Jared therefore wanted Cameron to go home next, and he thought about backdooring him.

“We have to backdoor Cameron. Justice for Izzy!” Cirie told the cameras.

Jared later explained to Cameron how he felt “burnt” by him and he could only trust Blue. Cameron started off the conversation willing to apologize, but Jared gave him the impression that he wanted to talk game.

As a result, Cameron promised Jared and Blue safety once his HoH reign ended.

“Next week, I will do everything for you — everything!” Cameron insisted. “Every deal I have made in this house, I’ve honored it… It’s a deal.”

Jared acknowledged he had a lot of options this week, but he wanted to do something that would benefit his own game as well as his mother’s game. Jared just needed to figure out whom he wanted to “rebuild” with, and so he allowed Cameron to think they could potentially work together down the road.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Jared announced he had decided to nominate Cory and America for eviction.

“Cory, if you want to villainize somebody, especially somebody who — everybody knows — considered you to be close to, you don’t want to air their dirty laundry in front of people,” Jared explained to his fellow houseguests.

“Because although they may be taking notes about what you’re saying, they’re taking notes about you also realizing that, ‘If that kid can do that to somebody he considers a brother, he can do that to absolutely anybody, especially me.'”

And then Jared told America how her nomination was “nothing personal” to him.

“I wish you guys nothing but the best,” Jared concluded.


Jared, however, still had his sights set on Cameron, and he was hoping to make a big move later in the week.

America and Cory also still held onto hope that one of them could win the Power of Veto. Cory planned to protect America and still be around next week.

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