‘Big Brother’ recap: Red Utley wins Power of Veto, keeps Blue Kim and Jag Bains on eviction block


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Big Brother featured Red Utley winning the Power of Veto and keeping Cameron Hardin’s nominations, Blue Kim and Jag Bains, the same heading into the season’s next live eviction.

Red, a 37-year-old salesperson from Gatlinburg, TN, won the Power of Veto and decided to keep Blue, a 25-year-old brand strategist from Riverside, CA who currently resides in New York, NY, and Jag, a 25-year-old truck company owner from Omak, WA, on the chopping block.


The Big Brother broadcast began on Day 24 after Cameron had nominated Jag and Blue for eviction. Cameron was a proud member of the “Legend 25” alliance — which was fake, in Cirie Fields’ mind — as well as “The Chillers” with his best buddy in the house, Red.

“Cameron had the audacity to put Jag and I on the block together, but y’all know me! I am a spicy b-tch, so I won’t go down without a fight!” Blue said in the Diary Room.

And Cirie said she still didn’t trust Cam, and so she wasn’t going to be able to “breathe easy” this week.

Blue told Jared Fields in tears that, best case scenario, he could win the Power of Veto and take her off the block while keeping himself safe. Blue admitted that, worst case scenario, Jag would win the Veto, even though she loved him as a friend and didn’t want to see him go.

Many houseguests then began spilling secrets. Cory Wurtenberger told America Lopez that his brother Zach had played Survivor before, and America, in turn, shared with Cory how she had graduated from Brown University.

Jared also told Blue a half-truth that he was someone’s son in the house.

Jared said he was Felicia’s son, but Blue wasn’t buying it because he actually looks like Cirie and they seemed to have a lot in common, such as having family in New Jersey. Jared also spilled the beans that his mother has ties to reality television.

Blue promised Jared that his secret was safe with her, and then they appeared to start kissing underneath their bed sheets.


Meanwhile, Cameron and Red were discussing how Cirie, Felicia Cannon, and Izzy Gleicher were a strong triangle and it appeared that two of them had made Final 2 alliances together.


“It wouldn’t be very sharp of us to not be considering how this is going to affect us down the road,” Cameron reasoned to the cameras.

Cameron shared with Red how Izzy would make a great replacement nominee if either Blue or Jag managed to win the Veto.

“Legend 25 has got Cirie as the President, Felicia as the Vice President, and Izzy as the Secretary of Defense — but she’s the one who concerns me the most!” Cameron explained.

Cameron was excited to potentially shake things up and “start a world of sh-t.”

Cameron eventually had this conversation with Matt Klotz because he wanted them to be “side by side” working through this plan of eventually targeting the “core alliance” in Legend 25. Cameron was convinced that if Cirie, Felicia and Izzy had the opportunity to throw him in the trash, they would.

Cameron asked Matt not to say anything, but then Matt ran right to Cirie and warned her what Cameron was conspiring.

Cam had been hoping Red, Matt, Bowie Jane, America, and Cory would work together to go after Cirie’s allies.

“If this ever gets back to [Cirie], I want her to know that she’s the one I really want to work with and really trust,” Matt said in the Diary Room.

Matt told Cirie that he’d continue to find out information for her because he truly wanted to “ride” with her going forward.

Cirie began to worry about Cameron having a backdoor plan, but she felt good about Matt having her back.

After a crazy scene aired about the condoms going missing in the house — and Jared winking to viewers about the confusion — it became time to pick players for the Power of Veto competition.

In addition to the HoH, Cameron, and the two nominees, Blue and Jag, players were selected by random draw to compete.

Cameron picked a chip that read “Houseguest’s Choice,” and so he picked Red. Jared was also selected to play as well as Mecole Hayes.

Mecole viewed both Blue and Jag as threats, so she said she wanted both of them to stay on the chopping block. Cirie also wanted to keep nominations the same so Cameron couldn’t target one of her allies this week.


For the Power of Veto competition inspired by the Comic-verse and dubbed “Artifact Stack,” the participating houseguests entered a secret temple and were required to balance two artifacts on three different pillars until a red line on each pillar was flush with the podium.

Each artifact weighed something different, so the right combination was necessary.

Once the correct artifacts were chosen and balanced correctly, a series of lettered tiles would be released in a treasure chest. The players then had to unscramble the letters to reveal the word “Golden,” which would ultimately solve a riddle on the temple wall.

The player to unlock his or her treasure chest and solve the riddle in the fastest time would win the golden Power of Veto.

During the challenge, Jared really struggled to unscramble the letters into “Golden,” and he asked his English teachers back home to forgive him.

The three fastest times were Cameron with a time of three minutes and 18 seconds, Jag with a time of two minutes and 41 seconds, and Red with a time of two minutes and 20 seconds.

Red therefore won the Power of Veto.

Jag lamented about how the people he didn’t trust won HoH and the Power of Veto back to back. Blue told Jag that she didn’t want to campaign against him, her best friend in the house, and so she was really hopeful the both of them could somehow manage to stay in the house.

Once “The Chillers” had all the power, they talked about how to proceed. They could keep the plan on track with “Legend 25” or shock some of his allies with a blindside by backdooring Izzy.

“She does not have our best interest in mind,” Red told Cameron of Izzy.

“But this would be one hell of a move,” Cameron replied.

At the Veto Meeting, Red announced he had decided against using the Power of Veto, keeping Cameron’s nominations the same.

“I feel it’s best to keep the wishes of the HoH honored and let the house decide the rest,” Red announced in his speech.

Jag wasn’t surprised at all because Cameron and Red clearly saw him as a threat in this game. He intended to fight for himself and “unleash the TURBANATOR.”

Blue, meanwhile, hated that she was still on the block. She knew one of them was going home, which really upset her.

Cameron finally explained that it was “way too early” to blow up Legend 25, especially since he wouldn’t be able to compete in the next Head of Household competition and would need people to protect him.

“Hopefully they know now, since we kept everything the same, that I’m a pretty solid person to have on your team,” Cameron told the cameras.


But this move did not keep them on the good graces of “Legend 25,” according to Cirie.

“If anyone who’s close to me — or myself — wins HoH, Cameron and Red will be in those two nomination seats so fast, it will make your head spin!” Cirie boasted.

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