‘The Golden Bachelor’ premiere: Gerry Turner gives Faith Martin his First Impression Rose, cuts Patty James and five other bachelorettes


The Golden Bachelor featured Gerry Turner giving his First Impression Rose to Faith Martin and eliminating six bachelorettes — including Patty James — during the show’s premiere Thursday night on ABC.

Gerry handed out his First Impression Rose to Faith, a 60-year-old high school teacher from Benton City, WA.


After an amazing first night, Gerry denied roses to — and therefore eliminated — Anna, a 61-year-old retired nutritionist from Summit, NJ; Maria, a 60-year-old health and wellness director from Teaneck, NJ; Pamela, a 75-year-old retired salon owner from Aurora, IL; Renee, 67, a former Chicago Honey Bear Cheerleader from Middleton, WI; and Sylvia, 64, a public affairs consultant from Los Angeles, CA.

Gerry also ousted former The Bachelor star Matt James’ mother Patty, a 70-year-old retired real estate professional from Durham, NC.

The Golden Bachelor began with Gerry saying, “Tonight is the first day of the rest of my life. How lucky would I be to find a second true love of a lifetime?”

Gerry had married Toni in 1972 and she became ill in 2017. She died about a month after they had moved into their dream retirement home in Indiana.

Gerry said no one will ever replace Toni but he yearned to fall in love again, and he believed that person was out there for him.

“I’ll be the first Bachelor that’s on social security!” Gerry joked.

Gerry was feeling “anxious and nervous” on Night 1 before the limos approached, and he said he hoped he’d recognize the new love of his life.

Edith, a 60-year-old retired realtor from Downey, CA, was the first woman out of the limo, and she popped two confetti cannons with The Golden Bachelor star.

Ellen Goltzer, a 71-year-old retired teacher from Delray Beach, FL, said she’s a Pickleball lover, and she gave her best friend Roberta — who was suffering from cancer at the time and sadly passed away before the show’s premiere — a shout-out once she exited the limo.

Sandra, a 75-year-old retired executive assistant from Doraville, GA, asked Gerry to do a “zen” exercise with her for relaxation purposes, but her chant was laced with curse words. Sandra said she hadn’t been in love in a long time and was craving intimacy.


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Leslie Fhima, a 64-year-old fitness instructor from Minneapolis, MN, shared how she was married twice and once dated Prince. She walked out of a limo dressed as a grandma with a walker, and then she threw the walker, took off a gray wig, and started dancing with Gerry.


Pamela kissed Gerry on the cheek, and all the women were breaking the stereotype of what a senior woman looks or acts like.

Theresa Nist, a 69-year-old financial services professional from Shrewsbury, NJ, walked up to Gerry in a black robe and showed him her “birthday suit,” which made Gerry’s jaw drop to the floor.

However, Theresa had a flesh-colored bodysuit under the robe. It had been almost nine years since Theresa’s husband passed away, and she gave Gerry a little peck on the lips.

April Kirkwood, a 65-year-old therapist from Port St. Lucie, FL, is a self-declared “eccentric” bachelorette who grew up on a farm. She approached Gerry with a basket of eggs and said her “eggs are still very fresh.”

April said in her intro package how she was looking for someone graceful who would keep her on her toes.

Renee did a cheerleading routine in full uniform, Anna asked Gerry to “get the hell out of here” with her and run away together, and Susan Noles, a 66-year-old wedding officiant from Aston, PA — who slightly resembles The Kardashians star Kris Jenner — yelled, “I’m going to marry you!”

Susan, rocking a lavender sparkly dress, joked, “Gerry, you see these heels? I am very comfortable with six inches.”

Patty revealed that her son, Matt James, was previously The Bachelor star, and “Aunt Chippy” told Gerry that her nephew is Jimmy Kimmel. Chippy apparently wanted to meet The Golden Bachelor star badly and so ABC made it happen.

Faith pulled up on a motorcycle, showing you can “live fast and not die young.” Faith shared with the cameras how she was married for 21 years and divorced in 2005.

“We may not be as tight skinned or in as good of shape, but honey, we’re not dead yet!” Faith shouted in her intro package.

The women thought Gerry was a hot and kindhearted man with a great sense of humor. Gerry told The Golden Bachelor host Jesse Palmer that a couple of women really caught his attention, especially through their smiles.

“When you see it, you know it!” Gerry gushed.

Gerry then approached his room full of beautiful, poised and intellectual bachelorettes. Gerry told the women that they inspired him, and he toasted to the beginning of their journey.

April asked to speak with Gerry first, and the other women pointed out, “I thought she hadn’t seen the show before!”

April gave Gerry a calendar in which every month was April and showed pictures of her, and it made Gerry laugh. April also gave Gerry a little kiss on the lips, and she hoped he felt a spark talking to her.

Ellen caught Gerry’s attention, and she said he made her feel “giddy and excited.” She said it was the best day of her life in so long and Gerry was “a hunk.”

Natascha, a 60-year-old pro-aging coach and midlife speaker from New York, NY, noted how Gerry was in great shape and she probably wouldn’t need to resuscitate him after an activity, and Marina, a 60-year-old educator from Los Angeles, CA, mentioned how she could swim in Gerry’s blue eyes.


Susan and Gerry talked about how they both love the song “At Last,” and Gerry told Faith that she was “very attractive.” Faith sang a song for Gerry on her guitar, and Gerry said, “You had me right from the get-go.” They were able to dive deep into each other’s eyes.

Gerry told the cameras how all of the women embodied a youthful spirit, which was so refreshing, and that he was developing connections quickly. At one point, a dance party broke out for the entire cast!

“I believe my forever partner is in this house!” Gerry gushed in a confessional.

The women were getting along and complimenting each other, and then Jesse walked in the room and dropped off the First Impression Rose.

As the night progressed, Theresa was getting nervous because she hadn’t received a chance to talk to him yet. She really wanted to get a rose and stay longer.

Theresa finally got her chance during the cocktail party, and Theresa read Gerry a letter from her daughter. Theresa and her daughter are apparently very close, and then Gerry gave her a cupcake with a candle in it to celebrate her birthday.

Theresa blew out the candle and made a wish, and she made it pretty obvious that she was wishing for love.

Gerry then took a bite of the cupcake, and Theresa kissed him, taking some of the frosting off his lips. It was a little makeout session, and it ended with them both smiling big.

Gerry proceeded to hand out the First Impression Rose to Faith.

Gerry told Faith she had made a big impression on him — not because of her motorcycle or beautiful voice — but because she had made him feel “very special.” Faith accepted the rose, which represented hope to her, and then the couple shared an intimate kiss.

At the first Rose Ceremony of the season, Gerry announced how he was “dreading” these eliminations.

Gerry passed out roses to Ellen; Theresa; Joan, a 60-year-old private school administrator from Rockland, MD; Natascha; Leslie; Christina, a 73-year-old retired purchasing manager from Sierra Madre, CA; and Edith.

Nancy, a 60-year-old retired interior designer from Alexandria, VA, also received a rose, and she was joined by April; Sandra; Jeanie, a 65-year-old retired project manager from Estill Springs, TN; Kathy, a 70-year-old retired educational consultant from Austin, TX; and Marina.

The last women to receive roses were Peggy, a 69-year-old dental hygienist from East Haven, CT, and finally Susan.

Gerry had tears in his eyes after the ceremony, and he narrowed down the ladies to only 16 bachelorettes. Chippy apparently slept through the Rose Ceremony and never made it.

The following women were therefore eliminated: Anna, Maria, Pamela, Patty, Renee, and Sylvia.


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