Neighbours Spoilers for the Week of 10-02-23: What’s Nell’s Latest Plan?


Uh oh! What’s Nell up to now?

After she agreed to a fresh start with Terese, it was only a matter of time before something went wrong.

Neighbours spoilers for the week of 10-02-23 suggest that Terese will get manipulated because of her desire to have close, harmonious relationships with Toadie and his family.

Terese shouldn’t be so naive. She’s not only been Nell’s neighbour for her entire life but raised several teenagers, and Piper wasn’t exactly well-behaved when she was Nell’s age.

From the get-go, agreeing to keep Nell’s bad behaviour secret was a terrible idea. All it would ever accomplish was driving a wedge between Terese and Toadie.

Rallying Around Harold - Neighbours

The only question here is what Nell is up to. It would cause a ton of drama if she managed to lure Melanie back to Ramsay Street to break up Toadie and Terese unwittingly!

But would Melanie come? That might take a lot of convincing since she left because she didn’t think she was cut out to be a stepmother.

I hope that we get some flashbacks explaining how that happened. Nell seems to be attached to her, which is strange considering Melanie was Toadie’s next significant relationship after Sonya died.

Please read on for all of our Neighbours spoilers for the week of 10-02-23.

Dex Discovers a Secret - Neighbours

Dex discovers a secret that could have serious ramifications.

What’s in that book that JJ’s carrying around? The promo at the end of Thursday’s Neighbours suggested that whatever it is will lead to a massive fight between him and Dex.

Spoilers have said for weeks that JJ is searching for his biological father, which would explain why he’s secretly investigating Andrew Rodwell. (Why else would he pretend to want to be a cop when he doesn’t?)

It’s unclear how this book will come into it, but it’ll probably make sense once we find out!

Mackenzie Tries to Stay Calm - Neighbours

Mackenzie struggles not to let emotion get the better of her regarding Haz.

Mackenzie wants to push herself out of her comfort zone with Haz, but she’s missing some information. Sadie didn’t tell her that Haz already had plans to date someone else.

This sounds like the beginning of a new love triangle, especially since further spoilers suggest that there will be a new rivalry on Ramsay Street.

Mackenzie isn’t one for catfights, so finding out how this progresses will be interesting.

Remi Voices Doubts - Neighbours

Remi voices doubts to Cara.

This spoiler feels a bit like a rerun. Remi has had doubts all along, and Cara has been reassuring her.

Are Remi’s doubts still related to the Linwell Brothers, or is something else going on?

Hopefully, she won’t insist on leaving Ramsay Street just as JJ’s investigation into his biological father heats up!

Does Paul Have Leverage? - Neighbours

Paul finds information he thinks he can use as leverage.

Paul doesn’t want Reece calling the shots. She’s supposed to be a silent partner, but since arriving in Erinsborough, she’s been quite vocal.

As is typical, he’ll resort to underhanded methods to get his way.

But what information will he find? If it’s that Reece is having a secret relationship with someone, that could land Byron in hot water.

Open to Manipulation - Neighbours

Terese’s desire for closer bonds with her family leaves her open to manipulation.

As mentioned earlier, Terese should have known better than to trust Nell.

There was no way the scheming teen would defy soap tropes and give up trying to ruin Terese and Toadie’s relationship now that her first plan failed.

Toadie’s eventually going to find out that Terese kept Nell’s behaviour from him, and that’ll hurt their relationship more than whatever it is Nell’s up to now.

Point of No Return - Neighbours

JJ’s search for answers leads to a point of no return.

JJ will make significant headway on his quest to find his father, but what will he get himself into?

Will he be forced to work toward a career in law enforcement that he doesn’t want to keep the ruse up, or is something more nefarious afoot?

Either way, this story’s about to come to a head. This should lead to some explosive drama.

Jane is Blindsided - Neighbours

A friend’s betrayal blindsides Jane.

I’d love to know what’s going on with Jane. Maybe this spoiler means we’ll finally get some answers.

Jane has been reluctant to accompany Mike on his trip or spend time with him. Could she be having an affair on the side?

That doesn’t seem like Jane’s style, but she’s been evasive and has had at least one secretive conversation over the phone.

Whatever she’s up to is about to blow up in her face, so it’ll probably all come out soon.

Supporting Harold - Neighbours

Harold’s friends offer him support.

Spoilers say Harold’s worst fears about his memory lapses will come true. So, he probably gets his test results back and finds out he has some cognitive decline.

These will be some emotional scenes, but at least Harold is surrounded by his friends.

But when will he be ready to tell his family what’s happening? He won’t be able to hide his condition for much longer.

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