Neighbours Spoilers for the Week of 11-27-23: The Save Our School Campaign Takes a Dark Turn


The drama over the school closing’s back!

It’s been on the back burner for a couple of weeks while everyone dealt with Melanie’s return and Krista’s supposed death.

But on Neighbours during the week of 11-27-23, tensions boil over during a final protest to save the school.

Neighbours is a far more family-friendly soap than American shows like Days of Our Lives, so violence will likely be contained quickly.

Still, the residents will have to face the consequences of their actions, so we’ll get some intense drama from the fallout of the protest.

What is Nicolette Up to? - Neighbours

Even more excitingly, the protest draws many faces from the past. Michelle Scully, Brett Stark, Summer Hoyland, and Marty Muggleton are among the returnees.

Many of these characters haven’t been on-screen since the early 2000s. Summer’s return is exhilarating because she’s Holly’s cousin who also worked with Susan at the school.

Her return opens many storyline possibilities, not the least involving Susan having to take a side.

There’s also the question of whether Terese and Jane will patch things up. Jane has been helpful with the Nell/Melanie situation and has promised to stop throwing tantrums about Terese’s purchase of the school, but will the latest incident cause tensions to flare again?

There’s plenty of other drama in Erinsborough as well.

Nell is still determined to get Toadie and Melanie back on speaking terms. Spoilers say she will test Toadie’s kindness and that she will push him to help Melanie secure legal representation while encouraging Melanie to be patient and wait out Toadie’s anger.

Nell had made her peace with Toadie and Terese’s union, but now that Melanie is back in the picture, all bets are off.

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Byron Struggles With Heartbreak - Neighbours

Byron struggles with the loss of Reece.

Byron plans to have a long-distance relationship with Reece until she returns to Erinsborough, but that’s easier said than done.

Spoilers suggest Krista will cause trouble while Reece is gone, too — does she want Byron to herself?

Will Jane be able to support him, or will she be preoccupied with the school closing or too happy that Reece is out of her son’s life?

David Butts Heads With Aaron - Neighbours

Aaron and David butt heads over the issue of whether to stay in Erinsborough.

Neighbours doesn’t often use the tired soap trope of repeating the same conversations multiple times, and David already put his foot down about wanting to go home.

So what’s changed for Aaron?

This fight isn’t over — later spoilers hint that David will soon change his mind — but for now, the husbands will be strongly at odds with each other over this issue.

Disrupting the Status Quo - Neighbours

Nicolette prepares to disrupt the status quo.

What is Nicolette up to? She always has some scheme or other going on, and, likely, keeping Paul’s secret wasn’t the extent of her plans.

At least David and Aaron have mellowed toward her, and she isn’t Erinsborough’s punching bag anymore!

She seems to be pushing Wendy to do something that may or may not be illegal — what’s that about?

Haz's New Boundaries - Neighbours

Haz struggles with setting boundaries in his new relationship.

Holly doesn’t live with Haz — she stays with Susan and Karl — but she may be over there too much for his liking now that they’re officially together.

After the horrendous experience Haz had with Billie moving in quickly and rejecting his dog, Haz might not like that.

But he won’t want to hurt Holly’s feelings, either, and may turn to Mackenzie for assistance, oblivious to her attraction to him.

Trying to Fix Things With Their Mums - Neighbours

Dex and JJ try to rekindle the romance between their mothers.

This may be a light-hearted, Parent Trap-like story to balance out the heavy drama elsewhere.

Remi went to her mother’s to clear her head after learning about the possibility that Cara used a different donor to conceive JJ than she thought.

She can’t stay away forever since the hospital needs doctors, and the boys need both their mothers. But what will they do to try to fix things?

Byron Rallies People - Neighbours

Byron rallies people to help with a sensitive issue.

Byron probably gets involved with the campaign to save the school.

He likely throws himself into this cause to distract from his grief over losing Reece, but there’s no telling where it will ≈

Unfortunately, spoilers say that a protest at the school site turns into a riot — will Byron end up in trouble because of it?

David's Surprising Job Offer - Neighbours

David gets a surprising new job offer that may change his plans.

David’s new job offer comes from Krista. According to spoilers, she relapses, and David finds her.

After using his medical knowledge to help her, David suggests she hire someone to stay with her and help support her sobriety, and she asks him to take on the role.

This intriguing spoiler is made sweeter by Neighbours’ dedication to doing the research and depicting mental health issues properly. I trust this soap to handle Krista’s relapse and subsequent treatment sensitively and accurately.

And it may lead to more David on our screens. Yay!

Picking a Side - Neighbours

Susan is forced to pick a side.

With things reaching a boiling point, the former principal must take sides.

Her task is made more difficult by former students and teachers she worked with taking part in the rally-turned-riot.

Will this conflict lead to a new role for Susan? She’s been searching for one since she retired.

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