School Spirits Season 2 Everything We Know: Burning Questions, Plot, Release Date, and More


2023 was a strange year for TV, with many shows being kept off the air for extended periods of time.

School Spirits launched in March and became one of the year’s best shows, setting quite the stage for School Spirits Season 2.

Below, we’re looking at the burning questions that need to be answered and everything we know about the upcoming season.

School Spirits Season 2 Renewal Status

Paramount+ officially picked up School Spirits Season 2 on June 20, 2023, two months after the freshman finale.

Pondering the Future - School Spirits Season 1 Episode 8

With so many shows being canceled due to strikes and other reasons, it was nice to learn that we’d be able to unravel the aftermath of all the revelations at the show’s core.

What Happened to Janet on School Spirits?

One of the biggest questions from School Spirits Season 1 revolved around what happened to Janet.

Janet is mentioned heavily throughout the series, but we don’t learn the truth about her until School Spirits Season 1 Episode 8.

At the House - School Spirits Season 1 Episode 8

We were led to assume that she crossed over, but the ghosts realized something was amiss when Dawn crossed over.

There was a marked change in the energy, allowing the students to know that Dawn had moved on.

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We subsequently learned that Janet pushed Maddie’s spirit out of her body and skipped town.

Armed with Maddie’s identity and body, there’s little incentive for her to return because she’ll be a spirit if Maddie finds a way to reclaim her body.

Simon Helps Maddie With Her Mom - School Spirits

Is Maddie Dead on School Spirits?

No. As Maddie started to piece together what happened to her on the day of her supposed death, we learned that she was pushed out of her body by Janet.

There’s no telling how Janet managed to pull off the unthinkable, but there is more to the story about how Maddie could hear spirits before she was one.

Did Janet Kill Xavier on School Spirits?

Searching for Clues - School Spirits Season 1 Episode 8

Just when it seemed like Xavier, Nicole, and Claire were on to something, disaster struck when Janet stole Xavier’s truck and backed into him.

We were left questioning whether Xavier was being killed off or if the series was setting up a storyline involving his being able to see the spirits in the school.

SEAL Team is Ending a Season Too Late

Alas, we’ll need to wait for School Spirits Season 2 for a definite answer, but we doubt Spencer Macpherson is departing.

There’s far too much story left to unpack here.

What Does the Teacher Know? - School Spirits Season 1 Episode 4

Is Mr. Martin the Villain of School Spirits?

We spent much of School Spirits Season 1 believing Mr. Martin to be this person helping the spirits pass over.

However, the season finale strongly suggested he was one of the show’s most devious characters.

After the deceased students realized he was lying about Janet passing over, he locked them in the fallout shelter.

Knowing Something's Wrong - School Spirits

Based on what happened, he seems like the show’s biggest villain, but there is the possibility that things will change somewhat when we hear more of his story.

School Spirits Season 2 Cast: Who’s In?

Paramount+ has yet to confirm who’s returning, but we can draw some conclusions based on the first season.

The series couldn’t continue without Peyton List in the role of Maddie Nears.

Simon Needs Answers - School Spirits Season 1 Episode 4

Kristian Flores, Milo Manheim, McPherson, Kiara Pichardo, Sarah Yarkin, Nick Pugliese, Rainbow Weddell, Josh Zuckerman, Maria Dizzia, and Ian Tracey are all locks to return.

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There will also likely be some new faces joining the cast, including someone to play Janet.

The series has successfully kept us questioning everything about Janet, and now that we know she’s taking up residence in Maddie’s body, we’ll need someone to play her when she comes out.

There’s also a possibility we’ll get some answers in the form of flashbacks.

Wally Chills - School Spirits Season 1 Episode 2

School Spirits Season 2: What Will it Be About?

Paramount+ has not revealed any details about the second chapter, but it must answer all the above questions and more.

It won’t be satisfying if it sidesteps all of the big questions because we’ve been waiting in suspense for months.

When Will School Spirits Season 2 Premiere?

Xavier Has a Plan - School Spirits Season 1 Episode 2

Due to the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes, production couldn’t commence on School Spirits Season 2 in 2023.

Production is slated to begin in 2024, but we don’t have a definite premiere date.

The series doesn’t require extensive VFX like some other genre programming, so there’s a high probability that we could be in for a summer launch if the cameras get rolling during the first quarter of 2024.

We’ll update this post as new details come out, so keep it bookmarked to remain in the loop.

At the Bus Stop - School Spirits Season 1 Episode 4

Is There a Trailer for School Spirits Season 2?

With production yet to get underway, there is no footage to make a trailer.

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We get it: You want more School Spirits. We’re in the same boat.

It was a rare teen drama that got everything right, including the mystery.

Claire on School Spirits Season 1 Episode 2

Many shows fail to cover all bases, but it was near-perfect from start to finish.

Where Can I Watch School Spirits?

School Spirits premiered on Paramount+ in March 2023, and all first-season episodes remain there.

In a surprising move, School Spirits Season 1 launched on Netflix in late 2023.

Fun by the Pool - School Spirits Season 1 Episode 2

The aim seems to get more eyes on the series in anticipation of its return to Paramount+ sometime in 2024.

It’s unclear whether the second season could materialize on Netflix, but this doesn’t strike us as anything more than a promotional opportunity to get people to find the show on Paramount+.

What are your thoughts on everything we know about School Spirits Season 2?

What questions do you think need to be answered?

Hit the comments.

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