‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown’s Final Smack Down On Meri

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Season 18’s one-on-one Tell All for Sister Wives on TLC revealed Kody Brown getting candid, if conflicting about his first wife, Meri Brown. Shocked viewers were stunned by the depth of his nastiness toward her. At one stage, he told Suykanya Krishnan that he feels “the emotions of friendship” with her. Well, fans have decided that if he’s her friend, then she doesn’t need an enemy.

TLC Fans Dislike Kody Brown But He Topped It With Meri

Sister Wives fans saw that Meri stayed with Kody for many years. Even after the catfish incident, she still went back to the family. For season after season, viewers of the TLC show cringed for her. After all, it became clear that she definitely didn’t have the support of the other wives. Janelle Brown and Christine came over as hostile. Meanwhile, Robyn Brown seemed to play her for a fool.

During the second part of the one-on-one, fans learned from Christine, that Kody Brown had melted down Meri’s ring. While she laughed about that, Meri was not laughing. Tempering that, Christine talked about how they all gave up rings later, to make a Claddagh ring. Nevertheless, fans feel the depth of nastiness from him went beyond normal. Unsurprisingly, many people felt that he acted in an abusive way.

Sister Wives – Who Needs A Friend Like Kody?

Meri Brown was furious with Christine for revealing her personal news about the ring. So, she clapped back at David Woolley’s new wife in a separate section of the one-on-one. ET Online reminded viewers that this all happened years before the catfish. The TLC star went looking for friends elsewhere “because Lord knows I didn’t have any [friends] in my own family.”

Sister Wives Kody Brown's Final Smack Down On Meri - TLC YouTube
Sister Wives Kody Brown’s Final Smack Down On Meri – TLC YouTube

While the tragic and ugly story played out on the Tell-All for Sister Wives, Meri Brown won some kudos for slipping a knife into Kody Brown. That came when she talked about her ex as not being emotionally available to her. Citing Kody’s dramatics from a prior season, she said that he comforted the other wives. However, that wasn’t “a dagger to the heart.” Instead, it was a “knife to her kidneys.”

What do you think about Meri Brown being called a friend by her ex, Kody Brown? Do you believe that the TLC star is the last person you would like to be called a friend by? After all, with friends like Kody, who needs an enemy? Let us know in the comments below and come back for everything about Sister Wives on TLC.

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