‘Sister Wives’ Star Christine Brown Reveals Husband’s Weight Loss

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There have been a lot of changes for Christine Brown and her new husband, David Woolley. Since their wedding in October of last year, their lives are beginning to look a lot different than before. One of the changes is in David Woolley. The star of Sister Wives said he has lost quite a bit of weight. Christine Brown goes on to explain how her new husband lost the weight.

How Much Weight Did David Woolley Lose?

According to the Sister Wives star, David Woolley has lost quite a bit of weight since their wedding last October. Due to health reasons, Woolley went on a diet. By sticking with that diet, the Sister Wives star just was able to lose 20 pounds.

Christine Brown’s husband was able to lose those 20 pounds in just a few months. That is excellent news for anyone trying to get slimmer.

Christine Brown And David Woolley Have So Much Fun - Instagram
Christine Brown And David Woolley Have So Much Fun – Instagram

How Did He Lose The Weight?

The Sisters Wives star put her husband on a diet. Christine Brown made it sound simple enough. “David quit drinking soda, he quit eating sugar,” the reality television star revealed.

She went on to share more one more tidbit about her husband’s diet. “I put him on a few supplements,” she added. Brown did not reveal any specifics about the number of supplements or what kind of supplements she gave him.

Is The Sister Wives Star Jealous Of His Weight Loss?

Sadly, for women, it is usually easier for men to lose weight than it is for women to lose weight. This appears to be the case for Christine Brown and David Woolley.

When explaining how Woolley lost the weight, Christine Brown snapped her fingers and said “Just like that.” Jokingly, Brown added “You know how hard I worked to lose 20 pounds?”

Punta Cana - Sister Wives Star David Woolley, Christine Brown - Instagram
Punta Cana – Sister Wives Star David Woolley, Christine Brown – Instagram

Christine Brown also mentioned she started trying to lose weight for their wedding. Despite showing her smaller figure on social media, the Sister Wives star is experiencing “frustration” with her own weight loss journey.

Despite her frustration, she is not unhappy with her results so far. “She works out every day. She’s like super dedicated to the ‘hot mom’ comeback thing,” someone close the Sister Wives stars shared. “She’s happy with how far she’s come, and David thinks she’s perfect.”

It sounds as if the Sister Wives couple is happy. With all the ups and downs marriages face, especially when exposed on reality television, it is good news the couple is doing well.

Tell us what you think. What do you think of David Woolley’s weight loss? Do you think he did anything else to lose the weight? Is losing 20 pounds in just a few months a healthy approach to losing those extra pounds? Is Christine Brown really jealous of her husband’s weight loss successful? Sound off in the comment section below.

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