Truth About Leslie Fhima’s ‘Golden Bachelor’ Gown Revealed

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Golden Bachelor contestant Leslie Fhima didn’t make it to the final rose ceremony. Gerry Turner sent her home after meeting his family and spending more time together. Throughout their last day she noticed he was “off” but they kept pushing through their date. When he broke the news to her that she was not his final choice she had some choice words including talking about the expensive gown she was going to be wearing. Now, the truth about the cost of that dress is coming out. Keep reading to find out more.

The truth about Leslie Fhima’s finale gown revealed

Bachelor Nation shared the details behind the gown that Leslie Fhima was going to wear in the season finale of The Golden Bachelor. When Gerry Turner went to her suite to end their relationship, Leslie didn’t hold back on what she was feeling.

Leslie was of course angry that Gerry changed his mind about her. She believed she was going to get his final rose based on everything he’d told her in the fantasy suites. According to her, he changed his mind not twelve hours later.

As Leslie let Gerry have it and told her he had no right to tell her how she should feel, she said something else that caught everyone’s attention. Leslie said, “The only good thing is now I don’t have to walk down [to the Proposal Platform] in that $60,000 dress with the diamond earrings and get on that platform and be completely embarrassed!”

Randi Rahm designed the gowns for the finale. She clarified during the interview that the lovely blue gown Leslie chose and also wearing in previews did not cost $60,000. However, stylist Cary Fetman did confirm that Leslie did try on a dress that cost that amount but did not choose it.

The exact amount of the dress chosen was not shared, however, it was not $60,000 as Leslie mistakingly said during the finale.

More about her dress

Designer Randi Rahm shared more about the gown that Leslie chose for the finale. Both of the finalists had many choices and Randi was shocked by what they chose for themselves. However, she felt they were overall good choices.

Randi said, “Leslie went with a classic strapless dress with a bold, beautiful blue color. Leslie’s dress I call one of my Grace Kelly kind of gowns. It’s a beautiful chiffon and if you get up close to it, you can see the mixing of fabrics to make textures.” She continued, “It’s really something beautiful. It’s just elegantly stunning and the color is fantastic.” Randi continued saying. “I really love that these women leaned in and picked gowns that are beautiful and sexy because you should get to feel gorgeous in my dresses regardless of your age, size, height, etc.”

The talented designer concluded saying she is glad they chose to do a show with older contestants because it’s important to see love in all chapters of life.

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