Lexi Young: 5 things to know about ‘The Bachelor’ star Joey Graziadei’s bachelorette Lexi Young


Lexi Young appears to be a frontrunner on Joey Graziadei’s season of The Bachelor, and she’s hoping to win his heart.

Lexi, whose formal name is Alexandria, is a 30-year-old brunette beauty.


During Episode 2 of The Bachelor’s 28th season, Joey said of Lexi, “She’s one of the people I feel the most confident in so far that I think could truly be my best friend.”

Lexi went on to win the “Mrs. Right” pageant during a group date thanks to her thoughtful response in the interview portion as well as her showstopping talent.

Lexi, claiming she’s the best kisser, took an opportunity to make out with Joey in front of a live studio audience — as well as the other bachelorettes — which took courage and definitely pushed the bachelorette out of her comfort zone.

“I felt like she was the one who surprised me,” Joey told The Bachelor cameras.

“I can still feel her lip quiver. I can tell that she was nervous. It was out of her comfort zone and that’s what today was. Lexi is already a good kisser; I’m in trouble if she gets any better.”

Joey has been intrigued by Lexi and wants to learn more about her on The Bachelor, and he called their early connection “effortless.”

Until viewers can get to know Lexi better on The Bachelor, let’s learn some information about her right now.

Below is a list of five facts Reality TV World has compiled about The Bachelor bachelorette Lexi Young.

Lexi moved 15 times in her childhood

Lexi is originally from Toronto in Canada, but she also lived in many different cities across the United States — including New York, San Francisco, and Atlanta, where she currently resides.

Because of the instability she experienced in her childhood, Lexi wants to find a “ride or die” partner who will stick by her through thick and thin.


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ABC says Lexi is “a sweet soul” who is ready to find The One.

Lexi has an impressive educational background

Lexi works as a digital strategist, and she once worked at GAP headquarters in New York City.

Lexi certainly boasts intelligence, as she graduated in the top one percent of her MBA summer program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

ABC also says Lexi is loyal, kind and smart. Lexi also has a comedian and jokester side of her, and she says that when she loves, she loves hard.


Lexi began “silently” suffering from an undiagnosed condition in middle school

Lexi has been suffering with pain for over a decade.

Lexi shared via Instagram, “I always had incredibly painful periods. Once I got into high school and college, I had horrible pelvic pain, really bad lower back pain, and it just continued to get worse and worse.”

Lexi said doctors would prescribe her medications to help with the pain — including birth control pills at a very young age — but “nothing helped” her feel better.

After college, Lexi moved to San Francisco, where her symptoms unfortunately worsened even more.

“It got to the point where my symptoms were so bad that I would pass out at work from pain. I couldn’t sit at a desk all day and do my job. I started going to multiple doctor’s appointments a week to try to gain an understanding of what was going on with my body,” Lexi shared.

“I was diagnosed with conditions that I never had. I was told that the pain I was experiencing was in my head and it was rooted in anxiety and depression and that I needed to see a psychiatrist. All of this going on truly made me shut down and almost believe that my pain wasn’t real.”

Lexi, however, insisted that she was suffering every single day and was often “doubled over in pain” during her twenties.

A New York City doctor diagnosed Lexi with endometriosis in early 2019

When Lexi was suffering, she decided to move to New York City to be closer to her family. Once she relocated, her health crisis became unbearable.

“I was rushed to the emergency room multiple times… I was losing a lot of blood. I had really, really bad abdominal distention,” Lexi recalled via Instagram.

“My lower abdomen would be so swollen from the internal bleeding that I would look four-to-five months pregnant. It was the most uncomfortable feeling. It feels as though there is barbed wire surrounding my pelvis.”


Lexi couldn’t find answers until she met with one doctor at New York University, who finally validated Lexi’s pain and had a strong hunch she’s suffering from endometriosis, which can only be discovered through an expensive and explorative diagnostic surgery.

Lexi decided to go through with the laparoscopic robotic surgery, and the surgeon found that Lexi had Stage IV deep infiltrating endometriosis all over her pelvic cavity and it was even spreading to other organs.

Lexi noted, “I finally had the answer as to what was going on with my body… I just remember bursting into tears. They were happy tears and they were sad tears. It’s a day I’ll never forget, but it’s a day that changed my life.”

After the procedure, Lexi jumped into physical therapy for the next year.

Lexi can’t wait to be a mother and start a family, but it won’t be easy for her

“I’ve always wanted to be a mother, and a big part of endometriosis is potential infertility,” Lexi explained on Instagram.

Given she’s now 30-years-old, Lexi decided to freeze her eggs to better her chances of having children down the road.

“My egg freezing really aggravated that tissue with the increase of hormones I was taking. All of the estrogen in my body made the endo very angry,” Lexi shared on Instagram.

Lexi revealed in February that her symptoms have returned full force and she’s going to need a second surgery for endometriosis in the near future.
“The situation I’m currently dealing with is when I want to have children. My doctor wants me to have my second surgery as close as possible to the time I want to try to start conceiving,” Lexi explained.

“Having a third or fourth surgery later on could cause a lot of scar tissue. I am kind of in a place right now of a waiting game. I’m in a lot of pain. I’m not in a place to have children right now. I am hopefully going to be there soon, but I just can’t have the surgery at this moment.”


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