Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 11-27-23: Nicole is Suspicious, But Will She Get Answers So Soon?


Welcome back, Nicole!

She’s been too depressed to talk much ever since her baby’s alleged death, so she hasn’t questioned many of the obvious holes in this story (starting with whether it was a great idea to let a stranger take her baby to the hospital!)

But after running into Eric with her baby, Nicole’s maternal instincts will click in on Days of Our Lives during the week of 11-27-23, and she’ll realize who that child is!

According to the spoiler video, Nicole will confront Sloan about what she did, but could that be another dream sequence like Chad’s confrontation of Everett during Thanksgiving?

Spoilers say she will demand a DNA test to prove it. But Salem is the capital of DNA switches, and Sloan has already changed paternity test results twice.


Nicole and EJ Want Answers - Days of Our Lives

In addition, Days of Our Lives loves the annoying, stereotypical trope of the “overly emotional” woman, so most of Salem will probably think this is wishful thinking on Nicole’s part. Sloan will gladly help spread the word that no one should trust Nicole, too.

Dimitri is also a wild card. He showed up at Sloan’s door soon after she received the baby from Melinda, demanding to know why she didn’t give him to Nicole like she was supposed to.

We all know Dimitri doesn’t care about Nicole or this baby drama. If he cares about anyone other than himself, it’s Leo.

But that gives Dimitri a strong motive for blackmail. Leo’s currently being charged with felony murder in the baby’s ‘death.’ Sloan is supposed to be defending him but is too busy arguing with Melinda about whether she can take doing this to Nicole.

So Dimitri will probably offer Sloan an ultimatum: Get Leo out of jail, or he will spill the beans about who that baby belongs to.

Sloan could refuse Dimitri’s offer. That would make it look like she wasn’t the one who undid this elaborate scheme. But she’s too afraid of losing Eric, who is not nearly as forgiving a person as he claims to be.

Meanwhile, Steve closes in on Konstantin, but that other harebrained scheme isn’t nearly over either — Sarah doesn’t believe his accusations.

Please check out all eight Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 11-27-23 to find out what will happen as we wrap up November Sweeps.

EJ and Nicole Want The Truth - Days of Our Lives

While EJ and Nicole seek answers about their son’s alleged death, Dimitri confronts Sloan.

EJ will push Rafe for answers — good luck with that, buddy.

Rafe hates EJ and is probably half in love with Nicole, no matter what he says about being over her. He’s angry that EJ won’t drop his open-and-shut case against Gabi.

If only someone could eavesdrop on Sloan and Dimitri’s conversation, that would be that, but we’re not there yet. So, the baby switch will stay secret for now.

Steve Realizes What Konstantin Is Up To - Days of Our Lives

The walls also close in on Konstantin, thanks to Steve.

In Greece, Steve and John learn some shocking information about Konstantin.

According to spoilers, the man wasn’t ever Victor’s friend — they were enemies, and he owed Victor money.

But convincing Maggie and Sarah to take the stars out of their eyes now that Konstantin ‘saved’ baby Victoria will be an uphill battle. Even Xander seems to be sold on Konstantin being a hero!

What is Stefan Up To? - Days of Our Lives

Stefan and Ava work together — but are they trying to get one over on Clyde?

Let’s hope Stefan and Ava double-cross Clyde together.

That would almost make this stupid story worth it. It never made sense that either of these two would succumb to Clyde’s threats for a second.

Of course, Ava has an easier way out, but since we’re relying on the tired soap trope of keeping secrets for no good reason, Ava teaming up with Stefan is the next best thing.

Could these two end up falling for each other so that Ava has a place to go after the truth comes out and Harris kicks her to the curb for her secrets and lies?

Sarah Doesn't Believe Steve - Days of Our Lives

Sarah doesn’t believe Steve’s theory about Konstantin.

Sarah went from sharp and suspicious to naive in the space of a minute. She’s so relieved her baby is okay she’s not thinking clearly.

But Xander should know better, even if he is the father. He’s a former criminal who should recognize when he’s being played.

What will it take to prove that Konstantin engineered that kidnapping so that he could play the hero?

Eric Confides in Marlena Again - Days of Our Lives

Eric has another talk with Marlena about his feelings for Nicole.

Yawn. How many conversations like this will Eric and Marlena have before Eric and Nicole cheat on their spouses again?

Marlena also needs to stop giving therapy to her relatives. The way treating Shawn blew up in her face was a textbook example of why you don’t provide mental health treatment to people you know.

I prefer Eric and Nicole to remain friends and co-parent when this is over, but if they’re getting back together, let’s hurry up and get there already. Stop going in circles with these conversations.

Nicole Demands a DNA Test - Days of Our Lives

Nicole demands a DNA test.

Eric will agree to test the baby’s DNA to put Nicole’s mind at ease. But don’t expect this to be the end of the story.

Sloan is already a serial DNA test changer when it comes to this baby, and if she doesn’t want to do it, Melinda will — or will pressure Dr. Pierce to give Nicole phony results.

After all the talking Eric did about Sami switching DNA tests back in the 1990s, he should be more wary of any test results in this situation. But he probably won’t be, and the story will most likely drag on for months.

Tate Does Holly's Dirty Work - Days of Our Lives

Tate does Holly’s bidding and interferes with Johnny and Chanel.

Ugh. Tate needs to realize that Holly is not worth it.

He knows Johnny is too old for her and has a girlfriend, so he should be willing to risk losing Holly’s friendship. It’s what’s best for her in the long run anyway.

And even if Johnny is oblivious as usual, Chanel is already suspicious of Holly. So how will this work, exactly?

EJ Gloats - Days of Our Lives

EJ gloats to Leo while Sloan tries to free the arrested con artist.

EJ thinks he’s got one of his baby’s killers where he wants him. Wait til he finds out that the baby is alive but not his!

For now, he plans to threaten Leo with copious amounts of jail time while Sloan fights to get Leo out of custody. This should be good!

Dimitri Confronts Sloan - Days of Our Lives

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