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The Alaskan Bush People family have all tried different things to remain relevant. This show has not been on the air for over 17 months. However, thanks to social media and other avenues, many of the Brown siblings have tried to keep their name in the public eye.

Now, Gabe Brown is the latest to show off a new talent he has taken on.

Gabe Brown Shows Off New Talent For Alaskan Bush People Fans

Gabe Brown is the one Alaskan Bush People family member who often seems the most worldly. While Bear is into extreme wilderness adventures and Noah is all about getting back to nature, Gabe is his own person. Many fans make fun of him for how he dresses, and how he wears eyeliner. Yet, that is part of his lifestyle, which comes from his wife’s punk rock upbringing.

Gabe Brown from Alaskan Bush People - YouTube

While Noah has been working on the island he bought as his retirement home and Bear is in Texas with Raiven as she prepares to deliver their third baby boy, Gabe is doing his own thing in Washington. In a recent video, Gabe showed that he has been working on making and performing music.

Gabe performed an original song a few months ago, with his clothing looking like he stepped out of Elvis’s closet. Now, he has a new song he posted on Saturday. Along with the performance of the song with his acoustic guitar, he posted, “It’s not perfect, but what is?”

Fans took to the comments on Instagram to discuss his newest song and performance.

  • “It’s is beautiful because it comes from your heart. Very nice”
  • “Love your song. it’s yours,you wrote it and you performed it perfectly!”
  • “You have a very good voice when you sing I didn’t know you play guitar that is cool”
  • “Don’t give up your day job O i forgot you haven’t got a day job like matt”

As the last comment shows, the Alaskan Bush People siblings often bring in naysayers as well as fans.

What Is Happening With Alaskan Bush People Cast?

Alaskan Bush People has not aired since December 2022. However, the Brown family has been moving on with their lives and doing their own things since that last episode. Bear Brown is down in Texas with his wife Raiven. She is pregnant with their third son and the hospitals there are better for her high-risk pregnancy chances. Bear recently posted a photo that showed him and Raiven together, and looking very happy.

Bear Brown and Raiven / YouTube
Bear Brown, Raiven Brown-YouTube

Noah Brown is still in Washington with Ami. He bought an island on the last ABP season, but he plans to renovate it and use it as a retirement home once his kids are finished in school. Birdie Brown discovered tumors in the last season and she has kept fans updated on her medical progress on Instagram. Rain Brown was looking into gold mining to honor her dad Billy, but has also since found new love.

Bam Brown mostly keeps to himself and only posts his photography for fans. Finally, estranged brother Matt Brown is still working a real job and keeps fans updated on his sobriety journey, plus his adventures on the mountain.

What did you think of Gabe Brown’s song? More so, do you miss seeing him on Alaskan Bush People? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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