Colton Underwood Reveals Husband’s Favorite Contestant, More ‘Bachelor’ Thoughts

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Colton Underwood finally let his husband, Jordan C. Brown, watch his season of The Bachelor. Underwood shared his husband’s favorite contestant and more thoughts. Keep reading for Brown’s hilarious take on the reality show that made his husband famous.

How Long Have Colton Underwood & Jordan C. Brown Together?

Colton Underwood was one of the biggest stars from Bachelor Nation, appearing on The Bachelorette, The Bachelor, and Bachelor In Paradise. So, you can imagine the shock many fans (and former flames) felt in 2021 when the reality star came out as gay in a bombshell interview on Good Morning America.

His interview coincided with the announcement of a Netflix series about his coming out story. Coming Out Colton was released on the streamer in December 2021.

Colton Underwood/Credit: Bachelor Nation YouTube
Colton Underwood/Credit: Bachelor Nation YouTube

He was first linked to Jordan C. Brown a few months after his GMA interview, though his relationship wasn’t part of his Netflix special.

Underwood and the political strategist got engaged in February 2022 and were married a little over a year later, in May 2023.

The reality star alum appeared on – and won – Season 1 of Beyond The Edge, which aired on CBS last year. The show won’t return for another season, though fans can still get their competition reality show fix with Season 2 of The Traitors or Special Forces.

Colton Underwood’s Husband Shocked By The Show’s Lack Of Gaydar

Colton Underwood was a guest on ex-flame Hannah Brown’s Better Tomorrow podcast, and he spilled a lot about what his husband thinks of his reality fame.

The former football player revealed that when he first started dating Brown, he “begged” him not to watch any of the Bachelor franchise shows he was on.

However, Jordan C. Brown recently asked if he could watch the episodes to educate himself for the fans who approach the couple.

Colton Underwood and Jordan C. Brown/Credit: Colton Underwood Instagram
Colton Underwood and Jordan C. Brown/Credit: Colton Underwood Instagram

Underwood granted access, and one of his husband’s first takeaways was disbelief that none of the women realized the man they were pursuing was gay.

The Coming Out Colton recalled hearing his husband say, “How did people not know?” several times while watching Season 23 of The Bachelor, which featured Underwood looking for a wife among 30 women.

Hannah Brown, who was one of the women, said after Underwood came out as gay that some women did know.

Us Weekly reports that earlier in her podcast interview with her ex, she recalled a time during the show when he mentioned his pedicure and recognized her shoes as a pair from shoe brand Stuart Weitzman.

However, not all the women knew. The news blindsided one of his final two contestants, Tayshia Adams.

Who Is Brown’s Favorite Of Colton’s Exes?

In addition to thoughts about the women’s gaydar, Jordan C. Brown had “strong opinions” on who Underwood eliminated and whom he gave roses.

According to Colton Underwood, Hannah Brown was one of his husband’s favorite contestants on the show.

Are you surprised that his husband had never watched The Bachelor before now? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Don’t miss the premiere of Season 9 of Bachelor In Paradise on Thursday, Sept. 28, only on ABC.

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