‘Sister Wives’ Janelle And Christine Reveal Personal Brown Family Details

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Sister Wives stars Janelle and Christine Brown are revealing personal family details but what are they saying? Not a lot has been left unsaid at this point as Kody Brown has confessed Robyn Brown is his true love. So, what is next? Read on for more details.

Sister Wives Janelle And Christine Reveal Personal Brown Family Details

Janelle Brown and her former sister wife, Christine Brown have become thick as thieves. Of course, their ex-husband, Kody Brown wishes they had been this close when they were a plural family. Since she left in 2021, Christine has had no problem speaking out about her mistreatment. She has explained how Robyn was favored from day one and she never wanted a marriage like Kody and Meri. Meri hung on despite not having an intimate relationship for over a decade. Of course, this was not in Christine’s plan and she found a much better fit. As for Janelle, she repeatedly called Kody out, which led her to say she was through with it all.

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Now, the Sister Wives stars are divulging the personal Brown family details but what else is left to be said? According to Us Weekly, the women had a no-holds-bar conversation on Reality Show Secrets. Yet, Christine did say she won’t talk about intimacy as that was never filmed. However, the topic does come up at the tell-all and Janelle does respond. She says that she and Kody were physically compatible as he believes they could reconcile. The ladies did divulge other gossip from the Brown family.

They admitted Kody does take the longest to get ready but Janelle is quick with just 20 minutes or less out the door time. As for the most embarrassing show moment, Christine Brown admits it was yelling at Kody on the RV trip. She learned that his friend they were visiting said he had to leave one wife behind and she flipped. Admittedly, that is not in her personality. Janelle Brown said it was dancing for the flash mob. Then, the ladies were asked about going back to day one and what they would tell themselves.

Day 1

Christine Brown shared that people are actually nicer than she thought. The Sister Wives star seemed leery of how she would be received but she has had immense success. This has been even more so since she left the plural family. Janelle Brown would have told herself to just relax as she admitted she was extremely uptight at the beginning. Both agreed they would relive the weddings over and over, those were their favorite times. As for who is the best cook, Christine loves to do it more but Janelle has some great recipes so they feed off of each other.

Did you enjoy learning more about the Brown family and are you the least bit shocked Kody takes the longest? Let us know in the comments and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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