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Survivor is losing one of its fan-favorite unofficial prize funds. Jeff Probst released a statement explaining the prize and said that it has officially ended. It has lasted eight years, 14 seasons, and 19 players have won over $1 million. However, Jeff said it is time to close it down.

Here is what Jeff Probst said is ending on Survivor after players won an extra million dollars in prize money.

Sia Is Ending Her Survivor Prize Fund

Sia is an Australian singer/songwriter who is a huge Survivor fan. When she began offering her own money as a special prize fund for her favorite contestants, it took everyone by surprise. This included host Jeff Probst, who didn’t know it was going to happen until after it started.

Sia with Jeff Probst and Tai Trang on Survivor / YouTube

In 2016, Sia made a surprise appearance on the live reunion of Survivor: Kaôh Rōng. She was watching the reunion when she stood up and made her way to the contestants. Sia then donated $50,000 to Tai Trang and another $50,000 to an animal charity of his choice. According to Sia, she did this because they have a shared love of animals.

“I still vividly remember the day Sia stood up in the audience during the live finale … and made her way onstage,” Jeff said. “She was so taken by Tai’s commitment to protecting a chicken from being eaten that she awarded him $50,000 of her own money.”

The host said he was shocked and wondered what was happening. She was wearing her big wig and handed out the money to Tai. “Tai was shocked. The audience was shocked, I was shocked! What was happening?” Jeff remembers. However, that has now come to an end. Jeff posted a message that Sia went on to share in her Instagram Stories.

“And over the many years Sia has brought so much joy to so many players and it was always straight from her heart. So it is with tremendous gratitude and admiration to Sia that we bring to a close one of the most unique relationships a TV show could ever have with a pop star of Sia’s global wattage.”

Who All Has Sia Given Prize Money To On Survivor?

It doesn’t say why Sia has chosen to stop her Survivor donations. However, she has given out over $1 million to Survivor contestants over the years.

Sia instagram post

Sia has given 18 players different amounts of money. After handing out $50,000 to Tai, she awarded $100,000 to seven different players. This includes Rick Devens (season 38), Elaine Stott (s39), Janet Carbin (s39), Drea Wheeler (s42), Jesse Lopez (s43), Carolyn Wiger (s44), and Katurah Topps (s45).

Sia also gave money to Donathan Hurley (s36), Davie Rickenbacker (s37), Aurora McCreary (s38), Joe Anglim (s38), Jamal Shipman (s39), Owen Knight (s43), Ryan Medrano (s43), Lauren Harpe (s44), Carson Garrett (s44), Jake O’ Kane (s45), and Kaleb Gebrewold (s45).

What are your thoughts on Sia no longer awarding money to Survivor contestants? Did you think this was a really cool prize while it lasted? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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