Tom Schwartz’s Celebrates Brother’s 2nd Chance At Life

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Vanderpump Rules star Tom Schwartz is celebrating his brother’s second chance at life. It has been a rough go for two of his triplet brothers which he has shared somewhat on the show. Now, he is opening up even more about being grateful for a miracle that he cannot help but observe. Keep reading for more details on the monumental moment.

Tom Schwartz’s Celebrates Brother’s 2nd Chance At Life

In the Season 10 finale of Vanderpump Rules, Tom Schwartz casually dropped that his brother was sick. He has triplet brothers, Bert, Brandon, and Billy who were featured at his wedding to Katie Maloney in Season 5. It was unclear if they would be able to make it due to finances and living in Florida. Yet, Jax Taylor and Tom Sandoval made sure the boys were in attendance as they flew them in to be Schwartz’s wedding gift. They also made further appearances in later seasons as they are a very important part of Schwartz’s life.

Tom Schwartz/YouTube
Tom Schwartz-YouTube

Unfortunately, Brandon was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2022 but Schwartz celebrated his brother getting his hair back post-chemo. He even made a social media post about it, writing:

“My brother Brando got his hair back post chemo. Send this man some love.”

Things did not get better in the family when it was revealed that Bert had a severe drinking problem that was exacerbated after being jumped. It was a seven-year spiral, as Schwartz put it, and it appeared that he would end up in hospice care. Sadly, he was given three to six months to live but he ended up getting a liver transplant. More so, he is a sober man and just came to see Tom Schwartz in California, which was documented on Instagram.

Schwartz showed Bert in the hospital after his transplant along with his adventures in California. They went out with Jax and went on drives as well as out to eat. The smiles that radiated from both of them were proof that Bert deserved this second chance at life.

Everyone Is Rejoicing

Though Tom Schwartz’s brothers’ health issues were swept under the rug in the midst of ‘Scandoval,’ they came to light in Season 11. He was able to open up far more on Vanderpump Rules about what had transpired so to see how well Bert and Brandon are doing is amazing. More so, to see Bert thriving and able to travel is beautiful. So many positive comments came flooding in:

  • Such an amazing post! Glad he is doing good! ❤️❤️👏🙌
  • Great testament and Go Noles! Continued healing vibes to your brother! Signed a nurse!!
  • I’m so happy for him and your family! I’ve had two double-lung transplants. I’ve traveled to seven continents but the mundane things are what I enjoy the absolute most!

Even Kristen Doute was thrilled to see Bert thriving. Hopefully, they can continue to make memories to last a lifetime.

Are you excited to see Tom Schwartz and Bert living their best lives? More so, do you think this will inspire Schwartz to make better choices? Let us know and watch part three of the Vanderpump Rules reunion Tuesday on Bravo.

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