‘DWTS’ Ariana Madix Prepares Herself For Emotional Finale

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Just hours ahead of the DWTS finale, Ariana Madix is preparing herself for an emotional rollercoaster with the Mirrorball Trophy now in her reach.

It has been quite the year for Ariana Madix. After enduring the fallout from Tom Sandoval’s affair with Rachel Leviss, she has done her best to move forward with her life. The Vanderpump Rules star has impressed both fans and judges on Dancing With The Stars with her dancing ability. Even while working through multiple injuries this season, Madix has consistently put up impressive high scores with partner, Pasha Pashkov.

Ariana Madix Is Emotional Ahead Of Finale

With the DWTS finale inching closer and closer, Madix is feeling a wide range of emotions as her dancing journey nears its completion. While speaking to Bravo’s The Daily Dish, Madix says that this is an experience that she’ll never forget. “I am emotional,” she shared. “On one hand, it’s like it’s starting to hit me that it’s all coming to an end, and it’s been such an incredibly beautiful experience and one that has been transformative for me and that I will treasure forever, no matter what happens.”

Ariana also spoke about saying goodbye to her rehearsal regime with Pashkov. “Also the rehearsal process of every day with my partner for four or five hours a day and just knowing that that’s just not how my life is going to be anymore. But, on the other hand, I’m just so excited for the finale.”

With the reality of being crowned the winner setting in, Madix isn’t sure how she’ll react if she wins. She just knows that there will be a lot of tears. “I would faint. I would be so over the moon. If we were able to take the Mirrorball, I just think that the emotions — we’re both criers — so both he and I would be total wrecks. The happiness would just be on a level 20,” she said.

What Ariana Madix Has Learned Throughout Her DTWS Journey

While speaking to The Wrap in November, Madix tried her best to temper her expectations. “I just hoped for the best and prepared as best as I could. You just go out there and do your best. And just hope that somebody else sees something in your performance,” she said.

Looking back on her schedule throughout the show’s run, Madix says that taking a break was never really an option. “I don’t really sleep. I don’t have a life outside of rehearsal and work right now. But that’s another thing that’s not special. So many people work two and three jobs. I’m lucky to be able to work and do things that I really love and enjoy.”

No matter what happens after the finale, Madix feels good about how far she’s come since the beginning of the competition. For her, the confidence she’s gained is a reward in itself. “It’s given me a new appreciation for my body and what it’s capable of. And the feeling that I deserve to be here that I don’t think I had before,” said Madix.

“There have been moments in the past where people were saying, ‘You have no talent, You’re a dumb reality star,’ things like that. Now when somebody says that I have no talent, I can point them to videos of some dances I’ve done the last nine weeks. And maybe they’ll shut their mouth.”

Do you think that Ariana Madix has a good chance to win it all? Let us know your opinion in the comments.

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