Mama June Fans Worried Kaitlyn Treated Worse Than Sister

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Fans of Mama June Shannon are worried that her granddaughter, Kaitlyn is being treated worse than her sister, Kylee. The two were separated when their mother, Anna Cardwell passed away in December 2023. Now, after nearly six months have gone by, the biggest question is if Kaitlyn is getting equal treatment. Keep reading for more details.

Mama June Fans Worried Kaitlyn Treated Worse Than Sister

When Anna Cardwell was diagnosed with stage 4 adrenal carcinoma, she did not want to think about the future. Though Mama June and Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’ Efird encouraged her to start planning for her girls’ if she passed, she declined. She did not want to think about death or anything of that nature. Anna had been married to Kylee’s father, Michael Cardwell so she would go live with him but Kaitlyn’s father had never been in her life.

Kaitlyn Shannon-Facebook
Kaitlyn Shannon-Facebook

Therefore, that was a sticky and tricky situation. After Anna passed, Kaitlyn stayed with June and her husband, Justin Stroud whereas Kylee went to Michael’s. Michael is now fighting June for custody of both girls as he raised Kaitlyn since she was a baby and even pays for her schooling. For Mother’s Day, he made a special bear for Kylee.

Kylee Cardwell-Facebook
Kylee Cardwell-Facebook

Of course, fans wondered if he and his fiancee, London, had one made for Kaitlyn, as well. He then sent out a statement, which was featured on a Reddit thread:

Michael Cardwell-Reddit
Michael Cardwell-Reddit

This appears to have been written by Michael’s fiancee, London Smith but yes, they did get Kaitlyn the bear. More so, it has now been given to Anna’s widower, Eldridge Toney to give to Kaitlyn. So, what did Mama June fans have to say after learning this?

  • It’s really sad both these girls lost their mom then were ripped apart because June needs money.
  • At this point June is being childish and petty and not keeping Kaitlyn’s best interest at heart.
  • Her sister should NOT be missing her. Her sister should be doing what little sisters do and annoying her half the time and being her bff half the time.

All On June

Fans all believed that the reason Kaitlyn was not able to get the same treatment as Kylee was because of Mama June. She should have been able to get the Mother’s Day bear alongside her sister from Michael Cardwell. Yet, it appears that the only person being blamed and called out is June.

  • Wish we knew what the he** is going on. I still don’t get why Michael hasn’t seen Kaitlyn. I know there’s a custody battle going on, but he still should be seeing Kaitlyn. Why is it taking so long? What the he** is June trying to pull?

The court date happened in April 2024 for custody but was pushed back a few days. After what fans have seen on TikTok, Kaitlyn is not treated so great by June and the family. She’s been lashed out at by Josh Efird and Justin Stroud. Only time will what the court will decide and where they deem the best place for Kaitlyn.

Do you think it is sweet that Michael also got Kaitlyn a bear but sad that they all cannot be together? Let us know in the comments below.

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