Tom Sandoval And Billie Lee Are No Longer Speaking

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Jo Wenberg recently revealed that Tom Sandoval and Billie Lee are no longer speaking. Fans are wondering if this has anything to do with his new girlfriend. Billie was one of Tom’s only friends after his affair. Now it seems he has one less friend than before. Jo gave some insight into the situation. Keep reading to find out more about it.

Tom Sandoval And His New Girlfriend

Tom Sandoval has a new girlfriend, Victoria. She seems to be a successful model and the two seem to be happy. Tom is obsessed with her.

“This week, my addiction of the week is definitely my friend Victoria that I have been hanging out with. She’s definitely super awesome and she’s one of the sweetest people, obviously I have known her for a really long time, but we went on our first date last night.”

Fans are shocked someone would want to be with Tom Sandoval after what he did to Ariana Madix last year. He has received a tremendous amount of hate.

Tom Sandoval - Vanderpump Rules - Bravo
Tom Sandoval – Vanderpump Rules – Bravo

The Two Are No Longer Speaking

Billie Lee and Tom Sandoval were close friends. However, Jo let fans know that they are no longer speaking. 

 “Billie Lee and Sandoval are not talking anymore because … the girl had to set a boundary. “I’m really proud of her, it has to take a lot to say — and I’m not gonna speak on behalf of her — but I’ll say this: I love her so much, and it’s hard, cause I know that everyone doesn’t want to [be] Switzerland.”

Jo did say the split between the two was not about his new girlfriend, she doesn’t think. She thought Billie and Victoria got along. However, fans hope Tom did not drop her due to his new girlfriend. Billie has been one of the only people to stick by his side throughout the mess he got himself into. Now fans are dying to know the truth behind the rift and what actually happened to cause them to end their friendship.

Tom Sandoval-YouTube
Tom Sandoval-YouTube

It seems Billie did not like something Tom was doing and had to set boundaries for herself. Jo is on her side about it and is proud of her. Now fans are dying to know what happened between the two and what led to their falling out. Could it be a form of jealousy? This is what some fans are thinking due to the relationship of Tom and Billie. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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