‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Is Lucas Leaving? Niko Terho Teases Major Season 20 Finale Decision

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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 Episode 9 “I Carry Your Heart.”]

Dr. Lucas Adams (Niko Terho) has a big decision to make. When Maggie (Kelly McCreary) returns for a special case in the May 23 episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Lucas gets a front row seat into what a career in cardio would look like. Following the investigation into Sam Sutton’s (Sam Page) death, Lucas is told by Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and Teddy (Kim Raver) that he’s going to have to repeat his intern year at Grey Sloan.

At the end of the episode, Maggie gives Lucas an offer he almost can’t refuse. She proposes that Lucas come to Chicago and work at the Heart Center alongside her. This is life-changing decision that Lucas is going to have to make. The Shepherd family legacy means pursuing a career in neurology, but will Lucas step out from his family and chart his own path?

Below, Terho breaks down Maggie’s offer, family pressure, the Simone (Alexis Floyd) of it all, and what to expect in the Season 20 finale.

Do you think there’s a part of Lucas that believes there’s a chance he won’t have to repeat his intern year at Grey Sloan? 

Niko Terho: Honestly, I don’t think he’s thinking that they’re going to reverse their decision. I think he is just accepting what is laid out there because they made it pretty definitive that that’s what they’re going to do. I think, in his mind, he’s in damage control and thinking about this deal that Maggie is proposing and thinking about what it means if he were to leave Grey Sloan, all his friends, people he knows, and his family that’s there. He’s had this picture for how his life was going to go. He was going to follow in the footsteps of his uncle, so giving that up is a big deal. I think he’s just battling those different things not thinking that they’re going to reverse their decision.

Does Lucas truly love the idea of being a neurosurgeon, or do you think he feels bound by his family’s legacy?

I think that’s part of what he’s trying to figure out. I think most of it was probably just the expectation that that’s what he should do. I think he wanted to make people proud or prove them wrong in some aspects, so he thought that’s what would make him happier or what he should do is go into neuro. Right now, he’s being presented with this other path, and he’s trying to decide whether what he really wants to do is neuro or if it’s just the expectation, and if he could actually see himself being passionate about something else like cardio.

What is behind his hesitancy? Why would he say no to an opportunity like this? 

I think it is the legacy aspect. He really looked up to Derek and is now really forming this bond with Amelia. So it’s letting go of that idea of him following in his family’s footsteps and making these people proud who he respects and admires, which is a big thing. For him, that was his goal all the time. So it’s just basically letting go of a dream of sorts, but he’s not sure if it’s his dream. But it is a dream. Even though this path seems like the better path for his career, there’s still these other aspects that he’s fighting against.

Niko Terho and Alexis Floyd on 'Grey's Anatomy'

ABC / Raymond Liu

Is there a part of him that’s hesitant about taking the job because he doesn’t want to be separated from Simone? 

That is definitely playing a part of it as well. He has a lot that is holding him to Grey Sloan, definitely Simone. I think that’s evident when he brings it up to her in the locker room. He is kind of looking for her to say something that brings him some sort of clarity. I’m not sure that he can get that from her. She could say anything, and I’m not sure it would really change his mind or decide it. But this is a person that he’s been able to talk to so freely and so peacefully all the time. And yes, she is a bit of a rock for him, so he is extending a hand and hoping that she’ll be able to guide him in the direction.

Do you think he would stay if Simone asked him to? 

I don’t think that would solely make up his mind on if he stayed. I think that it would definitely make it more difficult to leave for sure. But as I said, there’s so many different aspects he’s struggling with that that alone may not make his decision for him.

Will Lucas be reaching out to people in the finale to help him navigate this decision? 

I mean, yes, he will have to rely on people. I think we’re going to see that, but I can’t say too much.

Do you think he should be getting all the blame for what happened to Sam Sutton? 

I don’t, and I don’t think Lucas does either. In our partnership, we don’t think that he should be getting all the blame because what was he supposed to do? Was he supposed to just let him die and not try and do anything when no attending was in the room? Everybody was taking their sweet old time coming over that, by the time they got there, he would have been gone either way. Lucas had to do something. I think it’s one of those unfortunate circumstances where you see someone losing their life and you want to step in, but legally, you’re not allowed to step in. You’re faced with this conundrum that is impossible in both situations. I like to think that I would or anybody else would want to try their best to save someone.

Lucas and Simone have had quite the uphill battle this season. Going into the finale, where do you think that they stand?

It has been a bit of a roller coaster, especially since it’s been a huge battle between mind and heart throughout. Since Lucas has been trying to look out for himself more this season and stand up for himself, it’s hard to know when he should be reaching out to her again. But I think when he’s given this news and this opportunity of leaving that really puts it into perspective. He’s like, okay, what really matters right now? And what decisions do I have to make? I think that kind of puts everything aside and his focus is partly on: What is this relationship with me and Simone? I see them having a talk for sure and trying to figure things out and get clarity.

Do you think Lucas and Simone are ultimately good for each other? 

I think that they are. They just have to be able to figure out themselves first. I feel like right now, they aren’t super sure of what they want their career to look like and who they are. But at the same time, they have this amazing connection with each other. They are able to speak to each other and connect with each other in a way that they are not able to with other people. I think there is something there that is showing that they have this chemistry and connection together. But I think right now, they just haven’t figured out who they are as human beings fully yet. That’s a little difficult to be in a relationship at that time. It’s hard to say whether they’re good for each other or not. I think they are in aspects, and I think right now maybe it’s a bit of a distraction for their health, but I mean, any relationship has their issues.

Will there be a development when it comes to their relationship in the finale?

Yes, there will be a development.

I don’t think the show has made a definitive call on this: Who is Lucas’ mom? 

I mean, I have an idea but I don’t know if I can say.

A lot of fans think that it’s Nancy, but it could be Kathleen or Liz. I’m so curious why the show hasn’t clarified this.

It’s not up to me. I don’t know why we haven’t clarified it yet. He does have a mom. I can say that.

Grey’s has been renewed for Season 21. Will Lucas be back? 

I mean, I have every plan to be back, yes. There will be a continuation of Lucas’ story for sure.

Is there anything you’d want to see developed with your character next season? 

To see more development of the storyline between him and Amelia and really see that family connection storyline. We don’t get to see an aunt and nephew relationship like that ever, especially an adult nephew. I think that dynamic can be really fun and interesting to explore and new. I love Caterina [Scorsone]. She’s amazing and working with her is amazing. I would love to do more scenes with her. I would really enjoy that.

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