Joey Graziadei & Kelsey Anderson Reveal Wedding Update & ‘Special Bond’ With Bachelor Nation Couples (VIDEO)

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Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson are in the honeymoon phase — before they’ve even gotten married. Ever since Graziadei proposed to Anderson on the beach in Tulum in The Bachelor Season 28 finale, they’ve been relishing in their romance. Once the finale aired on ABC, Graziadei and Anderson were able to finally go public with their relationship, and their world opened up even more.

“It’s been great,” Anderson told TV Insider about life after The Bachelor. “I feel like we’ve just been learning so much about each other. You learn all the big things first on the show, and now we’re learning all the little things, like the quirks and fun things.” Graziadei noted, “We’ve had a lot going on, which we love, but we’re also really excited for it to slow down a little bit and get back to the most important things right now, too.”

One thing Anderson didn’t learn about Graziadei while on The Bachelor? He’s a big sports fan. “He’s a huge Packers fan, which is kind of a red flag because I’m a Vikings fan,” Anderson admitted. The tennis coach quipped, “It’s okay. Our kids are going to be Green Bay fans.”

Ever since Graziadei popped the question to Anderson with a gorgeous Neil Lane diamond, Bachelor Nation fans have been wondering about their wedding. “Since we’re still trying to figure out where we’re living, it’s hard to go into the wedding side just quite yet,” Graziadei explained. “But yeah, we’re really excited. We know that there’s going to be good things coming. I think once we get settled, we’re really going to be excited to have time to kind of get ready and look through that.”

Anderson noted that they “both just want to take a breath with all of this craziness happening. We don’t want to get stressed out about planning a wedding, so we’re just taking a second.”

However, they have discussed kids. “I’m like, right now, the more the merrier. I’m like, I’ll take in all the kids, but he’s like, two or three,” she admitted. Graziadei replied that he was “too logical” to think like that. “Right now, we’re in the two to three range, and we’ve already got some names picked out. So that’s really what we’re having fun with is just picturing it,” he said.

The couple also reflected on their recent Hawaiian vacation with fellow Bachelor Nation couples Charity Lawson and Dotun Olubeko as well as Zach Shallcross and Kaity Biggar. “I think there’s something weird that happens through all this,” Graziadei told TV Insider. “You get put through the same experience, even though you have your own unique versions of it. You kind of understand each other. You get what it’s like to be a couple in this spot, and there’s something about that we kind of all bond over. At the end of the day, they’re just great people.” 

Anderson added, “With the show, it’s hard to describe how, coming out of it, you just have this special bond and acknowledgment of how this whole process goes, and we are with our people. I think that’s just what we go with, and we have fun with them.”

The Bachelor, Season 29, 2025, ABC

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