Kyle Cooke Is Angry With Craig Conover Due To Business Deal

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Kyle Cooke is angry with Craig Conover due to a business deal Craig agreed to. He was not afraid to share his opinions on Watch What Happens Live. Regardless, Craig is a fan favorite and will have their support. Kyle has not been a favorite this season and fans have their opinions on the way he has been acting. Keep reading to see what Kyle is so mad about.

Kyle Cooke Invents Loverboy

Kyle Cooke invented his brand, Loverboy. The company sells nonalcoholic drinks. However, they also have seltzers, spritz, and more. They are currently working on coming out with a THC-infused product. The cast is continuously seen drinking these and it is promoted a lot on the show. Fans got to see Carl Radke join the company even though it started a huge fight with his former fiancé, Lindsay Hubbard. Kyle’s wife Amanda also quit her job to work full-time for the brand with her husband.

Amanda Batula, Kyle Cooke-Instagram
Amanda Batula, Kyle Cooke-Instagram

Kyle Is Mad At Craig

Kyle is not happy with Craig. He revealed that Craig signed a brand deal with one of Loverboy’s competitors. 

 “He claimed that he didn’t know that I have a spritz, he thought I just had sparkling hard teas. And I’m like, ‘Bro we launched our spritz line a year and a half before this company,’ he’s had all these products, so don’t tell me you thought we were just a tea company. They already have a big following so if they couldn’t do it without him are you going to be able to do it with him? I don’t wish anyone ill will but the way they went about it really rubbed me the wrong way.”

He also revealed the owner of the company took him to dinner before and milked information out of him. He does not like the way they run their company and that is fair. Kyle may be angry with Cragi at the moment, but he is trying to not let that fracture their friendship.

Kyle Cooke-YouTube
Kyle Cooke-YouTube

It seems Kyle just did not like that Craig made a brand deal with one of his competitors. Fans understand why this would upset Kyle. However, he did not need to air his dirty laundry. Regardless the two seem to still be friends. They have hung out a lot more since Craig and Paige started dating. Whose side are you on in this? Sound off in the comments below.

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