Days of Our Lives Round Table: Alex is Victor’s Son!


Alex is Victor’s son!

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by DoolFan4Life from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to debate if that letter was real, if Dimitri will survive, Gwen and Leo’s future, and more.

And are Sarah and Rex right to keep Victoria from Xander? Read on to find out what our round table thinks.

Do you believe the letter with Victor’s will was correct and Alex is his son, not Justin? What do you think of this twist?

DoolFan4Life: No, I don’t believe the letter was correct Theresa is a class-A troublemaker, and she had the time and motive to tamper with them, which is what I believe she did.

Maggie and Justin's Shocking Discovery - Days of Our Lives

I think it’s Xander who is Victor’s son, as many fans have speculated. Moreover, the majority of fans have wanted this. Making it Alex is a slap in the face to fans, and I do think it’s just a “made you look” kind of prank.

If they stick with Alex, I honestly think it’s pure junk of a storyline. Alex isn’t worthy to be Victor’s son.

Jack: While I think it would have made a ton more sense for Justin to turn out to be Victor’s son rather than his nephew, I’m enjoying this paternity twist story more than I thought I would.

Alex is a rather random choice, so it’s tempting to think the letter was forged, but I don’t see any way that works. If that wasn’t really Angelica’s letter, I’d think Alex would realize that’s not his mother’s handwriting! (And Justin should as well.)

And if the letter is real but she’s not talking about Alex, that would mean she named two children Alexander. I know anything can happen in Salem, but that just seems too ridiculous, even for this show.

Alex's World Is Turned Upside Down - Days of Our Lives

Christine: I’m really hoping it’s not Alex, but Xander, who is Victor’s son. Why would Victor keep this secret for decades and then hurt Justin like this when he died? That makes no sense to me.

That the name and Angeleica’s signature were on a separate final page is fishy. I’m hoping this storyline sends Alex down a new road, and then he learns none of it was true and the letter was actually referring to Xander.

Xander knows Victoria is his daughter. Are Sarah and Rex right to try and keep him out of her life?

DoolFan4Life: No, they’re not right to keep her away from him. He has every right to be a part of his child’s life. She allowed him to lie and raise Eric’s child, so why would his actual one be any different?

Rex has overplayed his hand in all of it, and Sarah is kind of ruined for me now, too; I hope Xander gets full custody of Victoria.

Xander Shares His Dream - Days of Our Lives

Jack: Absolutely not, and especially not the way they’re doing it. Sarah may have parental rights as the mother, but Xander has rights as the father unless a court terminates those rights.

I’d love for Xander to have recorded that conversation where she admitted he was the father so that we can get around the whole getting a paternity test in a hospital where tests are never an accurate thing. Then he could head to court.

Maybe Justin can put aside his grief over learning Alex is not biologically his to help Xander protect his daughter from the same fate.

It would be great if Rex was charged with kidnapping since he’s purposely pretending to be the baby’s father for the purpose of keeping her away from her real father.

Christine: No! Xander has done horrible things in the past, but unless Sarah wants to take him to court to get full custody, he still has the right to be Victoria’s father and be listed as such on her birth certificate.

Sarah Is Dismissive - Days of Our Lives

And Rex should have no say in any of this. His arrogance is grating on my every nerve.

But this entire storyline has ruined any possible future for Xander and Sarah for me. She couldn’t love him and do this to him.

Would you still like to see Chloe marry Xander, get back together with Philip, or be on her own?

DoolFan4Life: Since John Paul Lavoisier reprised the role of Philip, I don’t want Chloe with him, and certainly not this quickly. I did enjoy her relationship with Xander, but they moved to marriage too fast.

I’d like to see Xander and Chloe in a relationship but at a steadier pace. They’re actually very good together.

Chloe Worries About Xander - Days of Our Lives

Jack: I liked Chloe and Xander together, and I don’t see any reason it has to end. As Philip said, co-parenting is a thing.

I also like her with Philip and always have, but I’d rather some time pass first. I don’t like the way Chloe jumps instantly from one man to another. It makes her look flighty, especially since she keeps cycling through her exes.

In any case, please keep Brady out of the picture! If she has to choose between the men, a Xander/Chloe/Philip triangle is way better than that obnoxiousness that is her and Brady nowadays.

Christine: I’d love to see Chloe and Xander get married and co-parent Victoria. They make a great couple, and it would make Sarah and Rex crazy. It would also break the tired TV trope of a baby always bringing a couple back together. 

I also wouldn’t mind seeing Chloe with Philip. I’m enjoying this recast of Philip more than I expected. But I agree that Chloe jumps from man to man much too quickly.

Philip Chats With His Brother - Days of Our Lives

And please, don’t put her back together with Brady! They were one of the worst couples in Salem.

Vivian shot Dimitri! Is he dead? Will Stefan and Gabi cover this up for Vivian or call the police?

DoolFan4Life: I’m guessing Stabi will cover for Vivian because she saved their lives. I haven’t seen anything about Dimitri leaving, so I’m going to guess he’s not dead.

Jack: I doubt Dimitri is dead because that would put an end to Gwen and Leo’s rivalry for him, and that would be an odd and abrupt ending to that story.

Stefan will likely realize his mother acted to protect him. But Vivian’s help never comes for free, so I’d be careful if I were him and Gabi.

Dimitri Proposes To Gwen (Tall) - Days of Our Lives

Christine: I wouldn’t mind if Dimitri was gone for good, but I doubt that will happen. My guess is that Stefan will cover for his mother or at least back up the story that she saved their lives

Gwen called out Leo for sleeping with her husband. Can their friendship survive, and do you want it to?

DoolFan4Life: I don’t care. I want Gwen to get on a one-way flight out of Salem. She adds nothing to the show.

Jack: Their friendship survived them accusing each other of murder, so it SHOULD be able to survive this. I want it to because Gwen and Leo’s friendship is a breath of fresh air, and the only time I enjoy these characters is when they are together.

Christine: Yes! I love Gwen and Leo. They have one of the most fun and unique friendships in Salem, and I don’t want to lose that.

Leo Runs Into Sonny - Days of Our Lives

As Jack pointed out, they have survived accusing one another of murder, so I’m hoping they can get past this, too.

Was Paulina right to fire Trask? What would you like to happen with Melinda Trask next?

DoolFan4Life: Paulina had a point that Melinda targeted her in a very public way and could have handled it better, but I don’t know if that’s grounds for dismissal.

I think Melinda needs another story other than being the DA. She’s become so one note, but she has the potential to offer something more.

Jack: Absolutely! Paulina didn’t fire her because “you were mean to my daughter,” contrary to what some fans seem to think. She fired her for doing her job in an unprofessional manner designed to humiliate the people she was arresting.

Melinda Asks Sloan for Help - Days of Our Lives

Trask’s behavior has crossed ethical lines for far too long, and she needed to be gone a long time ago. I’d like to see her have to face the state bar association in a hearing to determine whether she should be disbarred for her many ethical violations.

Christine: Paulina had every right to fire Trask. Melinda has walked the ethical line and stepped over it on occasion. And there are times she is more interested in humiliating someone publically than in following the law.

I couldn’t imagine why Paulina would keep her in the position after all she’s done to Paulina and her family.

Currently, the youngest couples on the show seem to be in their mid to late 20s (Tripp and Wendy, Chanel, and Johnny.) Does Salem need more teenagers like it had in the 1990s and early 2000s?

DoolFan4Life: Yes, Salem could use a few more younger couples, especially because Tripp and Wendy are a snooze fest. I’m not exaggerating; if I really need to fall asleep, I watch their scenes, and I’m out like a log.

Shirtless Tripp - Days of Our Lives

We don’t need a heap of them, but a few more wouldn’t hurt so long as they’re interesting.

Jack: It absolutely does. The teens are the next generation, and teenage life lends itself well to high drama. In addition, we have too many forty-somethings who act like teenagers on this show, so let’s get some actual teens and give those stories to them!

Christine: I was never a huge fan of the teen scene in Salem, but it has been lacking for several years, and there are plenty of kids who are off-screen who could fill that void. And it’s a classic Salem trope to send a kid off to boarding school and bring them back as a teen. 

What annoyed the heck out of you this week in Salem?

DoolFan4Life: I was annoyed with the praise of how Justin was this stand-up guy and putting him on a pedestal. In actuality, he was always a womanizer and a creep, so it fit perfectly that he had Alex for a son.

Justin Isn't Thrilled - Days of Our Lives

I was also annoyed that Chloe was in tears, heartbroken, and in five seconds, told Philip she loved him. Like, I seriously had whiplash. It was too much.

Jack: Ugh, the Ava and Harris story got even sillier. And why is Edmund Crumb suddenly a bad guy? He and Susan were a sweet, goofy couple in the past. I hate it when they change characters completely just to fit the plot!

I wanted to punch Rex when he said that Xander would never get anywhere near Victoria. Rex is enjoying keeping a baby, and her father separated.

I also had to laugh at his claim that no judge would let Xander near the baby when he has felonies on his record. A judge did just that in Kristen and Brady’s case recently!

Kristen Makes Trouble for Brady - Days of Our Lives

Christine: There was no Johnny and Chanel this week, and I missed them! They are a couple with great chemistry, and they bring lightness and joy to their scenes, which is lacking elsewhere in Salem.

Chloe immediately deciding that she and Xander were over because Victoria was his daughter. She seemed to think this meant Xander would want to be back with Sarah, but Sarah is keeping his child from him, so I don’t understand her logic.

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from this week’s Days of Our Lives?

DoolFan4Life: I think Maggie throwing Vivian out of the mansion and getting the upper hand was a satisfying moment. I feel like she channeled her inner Victor, and it was fun to watch.

A Grieving Maggie Confronts Sarah - Days of Our Lives

I also loved that Chloe told the truth right away about the baby and that it wasn’t dragged out.

Jack: Surprisingly, I loved Alex and Sonny’s scenes. Alex was annoying me with his self-pity and drinking, but the scenes were strong and realistic for the situation.

I also enjoyed Chloe and Philip’s scenes, as well as Chloe telling Xander the truth.

Christine: I loved that Chloe told Xander the truth. How often does that happen in Salem?

Chloe's Decision - Days of Our Lives

Oddly enough, I’m glad that Susan is alive, even though she can annoy me at times because I’m looking forward to the reunion between her and EJ.

Now it’s your turn, Days fans. Hit that SHOW COMMENTS button below to share your thoughts about this week in Salem.

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