‘The View’ Why Fans Think Joy Behar Is Suspended

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Recently, The View fans became suspicious that co-host, Joy Behar, may have gotten herself into some trouble. Some fans believe the blunt conversationalist just might be on a suspension.

Joy Behar Has The View Fans Questioning

Although one of the big perks of working on The View is the way each of the co-hosts can assert their opinions, did Joy Behar take it too far? While viewers are familiar with the norms of the co-hosts’ schedule, something seems a little off for Joy. Notably, Whoopi Goldberg typically takes off on Fridays and Joy Behar is off on Mondays. However, fans were alerted when Joy’s seat was vacated two days in a row following an onscreen altercation.

Joy Behar doesn't understand why Bill Maher disagrees with her MAGA-swastika suggestion. - The View - YouTube
Joy Behar doesn’t understand why Bill Maher disagrees with her MAGA-swastika suggestion. – The View – YouTube

Sparks Fly After Joy Behar Makes Shocking Statement

During the Monday episode of The View, Joy Behar and Bill Maher connect on being politically savvy and also comedians. But Bill shoots straight and calls out Joy’s statement that Donald Trump‘s supporters should put a swastika on their MAGA hats. Undeniably, he believes you can hate Trump, but you can’t hate everyone that likes him. Furthermore, he takes the stance that Trump supporters make up half the country and he doesn’t want to promote a world where people decide to hate an entire group by association.

Joy Behar and Bill Maher - The View
Joy Behar and Bill Maher – The View

This was in response to the Hot Topic controversy that former POTUS is being accused of “parroting Nazi propaganda” in a social media video. During the discussion, they address claims he wants to create a “unified Reich” if he wins the 2024 presidential election. Joy says, “Let me give the definition of Reich: the German state, especially during the Nazi period.” Furthermore, she adds, “So there’s no wishy-washiness about the word Reich. It’s about the German-Nazi state of the 20th century.”

Bill Maher - The View
Bill Maher – The View

Fans Observe She Is Missing

Undeniably, Joy Behar’s statements about branding the MAGA hats with swastikas have lit a fire in many conversations surrounding Donald Trump. But was it enough to get her a suspension from the show? Some fans notice the multiple-day absence and wonder if that is the case.

  • “Where’s Joy?”
  • “Another day without Joy? I have a feeling she was suspended for her comments about Trump supporters.”
Joy Behar is the topic for The Rubin Report - YouTube
Joy Behar is the topic for The Rubin Report – YouTube

Is Joy Behar On A Suspension?

While Joy Behar’s comment toward Trump supporters was extreme, was it enough to get her a suspension? Although this could be the case, the reason given for Joy’s leave didn’t confirm she was in trouble. Instead, Whoopi Goldberg said, “Joy is out sick today, but we’ll let her know you love her too.” Additionally, Whoopi said on the second day out, “Joy is out again today. We want her to get back and feel better.” Furthermore, Whoopi also gave the message, “Feel better, Joy, and get your behind back here!” At this point, the moderator is pushing the idea that Joy is mending and will be back, good as new very soon. Perhaps she is feeling a bit under the weather after the stormy session discussing Trump?

What do you think? Is Joy Behar getting a little break from The View after her suggesting the MAGA campaign label themselves with swastikas? Drop your comments below.

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